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  1. Wytruckwrench

    Cutting windmill blades

    Run them through a roto-grinder. I would think somebody would take the material to recycle. Very interesting problem. Somebody that comes up with the right idea/procedure is going to make a bunch of money.
  2. Wytruckwrench

    hydraulic cylinder seal kits

    I follow what Nige describes. Hone light scratches. Re-tube anything more. I need to build a rod polisher. Anybody have any good ideas for one?
  3. Wytruckwrench

    Just some work pics

    On those log cabins, I would have to use binoculars to see where the logs were going. I have hauled lots of log houses like that. Would drop trailers at the log home yard and then, live unload at the site. Have been in some pretty fun places.
  4. Wytruckwrench

    New alternator question

    Yes, you are correct.
  5. Wytruckwrench

    320BL engine

    The cylinder bores will most likely be “egg” shaped. I don’t know what they offer for oversized pistons. They do offer sleeve kits. A good machine shop won’t have any problems boring and installing sleeves.
  6. Wytruckwrench

    Scan Tool

    Around here the dealer gets $2000.00 to show up and it goes up from there.
  7. Wytruckwrench

    Trailer Rigging

    Yes you are correct. Nothing less than a G70 chain. Also I had heard, but haven't confirmed it yet. 5/16 G70 chain wasn’t recognized anymore for 2019.
  8. Wytruckwrench

    Anybody see a 3406B do this before?

    I have seen a 3406E that cracked down the oil gallery on the right side. From the front to the about between #4-5. It had a turned up ECM in it.
  9. Wytruckwrench

    DD380 vs SQ100 rear ends

    Hard to beat 461’s. I have them in two old trucks.
  10. Wytruckwrench

    DD380 vs SQ100 rear ends

    one truck of mine is a Rockwell 20-145. Haven’t had any problems in the ten years I have had it. I had looked into putting lockers in it and they were available.
  11. Wytruckwrench

    DD380 vs SQ100 rear ends

    What junkyard said. I have gotten along with SQ100’s fairly well. They are tougher than 380’s or 402’s. Have put some 404’s in with lockers, that I haven’t tore up yet.
  12. Wytruckwrench

    New Guy Here

    Welcome, and nice to hear from a neighbor !
  13. Wytruckwrench

    closing dump truck tailgate

    I like that idea better.
  14. Wytruckwrench

    closing dump truck tailgate

    I have wanted to mount an electric winch with a couple of pulleys. It’s in my to do list.
  15. Wytruckwrench

    Well I thought it was neat......

    When I used to pick them up in van trailers they were on end. Seems like in a 48’ van they would put 8 rolls. I can’t remember maybe only 7. Used to get them as a back haul coming to the local newspaper.
  16. Wytruckwrench

    Well I thought it was neat......

    Very interesting. Very efficient! I have hauled paper rolls in a van trailer in the past.
  17. Wytruckwrench

    Cummins PT pump weirdness

    Those solenoids are interesting. Will work great for 40 years then all of the sudden cause ya fits. Do love the fuel screw to get home with.
  18. Wytruckwrench

    Memories for us old truckers

    I would like to have that 1701 Holmes.
  19. Wytruckwrench

    8.3 cummins fuel issue

    The lift pump has a screen in the suction side maybe. I have had fits with those sometimes.
  20. Wytruckwrench

    Motor oil change intervals

    I’m going to question him about who makes JD filters, and get more info. He said $13 per gallon for 15-40. $12 for hydraulic.