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  1. bjfarms

    Electrical Diagram Volvo

    Thanks Uffex
  2. bjfarms

    Glad to be here

    I am here to gain some knowledge and share my experience with all of you. Hope you all will help me here.
  3. bjfarms

    serial number for Erie 38b

    Buycrus Erie 38b Hi all, where would I find the machine or serial number for this crane? Have no experience with friction machines, and needing to get the correct manual. Has air controls and bought a manual off e bay, but was for a mechanical? controlled machine. Have searched the net, but not...
  4. bjfarms

    procedure for service brakes

    What is procedure for service brakes. Removed covers and found LH air gap is greater than Rh. Had someone apply brakes both side move as should and we have no air leaks. Machine creeps with brakes applied in gear. Found adjuster wheel on bottom shoe,it will turn 1/4 turn I'm assuming what...
  5. bjfarms

    Electrical Diagram Volvo

    somebody help me i nee Shop manual or electrical Diagram of EW145B Volvo Thnx advance.
  6. bjfarms

    What is a code 255? Does it match the problem I’m having?

    2005 D4G starts and operates well AFTER running 10-15 min. Before warming up everything works but the speed is stuck in slow. Engine default code shows 255 only. What is a code 255? Does it match the problem I’m having? Thanks for any help.