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    Car Haulers

    Have jack cooper around here hauling for gm usually in older sterlings that look like they are about to fall apart
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    Overload of the Day

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    Overload of the Day

    May not be an overload but definitely shouldn’t be on the road https://www.facebook.com/share/p/dnvKkbtNjLjp5ff3/?mibextid=WC7FNe
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    Just another day in paradise

    You said it’s in a skidder they didn’t roll it or get it so far off kilter it wouldn’t pickup did they
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    Mustang 440 skidsteer V6?

    4.3 gm engine has flywheel housing and intake from boat shouldn’t be to hard to get parts or find another engine
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    Operators and Booze

    Now do they specify the size of the drink because a bottle is only one drink lol
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    This will be an interesting thread moving forward......

    Any time I have to drive a different truck it’s 2 weeks getting stuff fixed that other drivers won’t write up.
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    Completely new at this :/

    I would cut the concrete around the outside drain and plug the line running into the house and trench a new drain running away from the house that never should have been drained back to the house even if you just have to run it away from the house and dig a deep hole and fill it with rock for it...
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    Full Synthetic or Blend - only +.68c more / gal

    My company runs 25000 on semi with a grease job at 12500 have seen a few issues with cams but I think that’s mainly to doing overheads on our 60 series and having mechanics who are nothing but parts changers haven’t seen any big end issues
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    Caterpillar 12 grader engine is dead - please help?

    Could he borrow the injectors from the new engine to perhaps check condition of his current engine before buying injectors and parts for it
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    11r22.5 tire tool?

    Used a machine when I worked in the bus shop for Opryland in Nashville worked good but was a lot slower than doing them by hand but was also a lot easier on the back did all the lifting for you
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    Anybody pull a mechanical detach trailer without air ride?

    Maybe make a plate with a couple small air bags instead of timber to raise and lower the neck when detached to give some adjustment for hooking up
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    2005 Peterbilt 378 Wiring Issue

    Check all of your battery connections do a tug test on all of them especially any smaller wires that would be live power to ecm
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    Vortec v6 engine

    If it’s a 4.3 vortech that is a gm engine might help your search don’t have my manual with me for torque specs though
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    1947 TD14 direct start on Diesel?

    Kingofobsolete.ca is joeys website if I remember right lots of info on there. Redpower has went down hill the last few years
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    Hydraulic gear pump vs axial piston pump.

    The way I understand this is he is looking for a dedicated pump to run the flail mower only the loader has separate systems for steering and arms and he is asking what size hydraulic pump he would be able to run with about 160-180 hp available for that just to error on caution to not stall the...
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    Here I am!

    Happy to have you here
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    Trailer axles

    I can see multiple uses for several of them just looking boat trailer could use heavier axles with brakes and would like to add brakes to my single axle some day want to build a car hauler advertise them for 50-100 apiece and probably sell them all in a day or two
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    Caterpillar 12 grader engine is dead - please help?

    I’m of the opinion to pull and tear down your existing motor and see what it requires then decide on wether to rebuild or do a repower may be able to get by with just a hone and gaskets if doing the repower route maybe change the drive for the blade controls to a hydraulic motor either way will...
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    ISO "615" Key for Komatsu PC60-7

    Need an old school manual key cutter that just copies what’s there as long as you have the right blank