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  1. skyking1

    CAT 963 - Right Machine?

    Wise words above. In the worst areas, you get an experienced guy on a big excavator with a whole bunch of crane mats to go out and do what you need done. And you pay him well.
  2. skyking1

    Employee Search

    Call the hall?
  3. skyking1

    Adding an auger to cat320dl

    Yes, if you got auxiliary plumbing out there on this stick there has to be either a switch or something. Most of the time it's switches on your control sticks. A trigger switch on the right. Maybe a trigger switch on the left. A thumb switch.
  4. skyking1

    How do I remove the sun gear? No bolts/clips on the cover!

    Kelowna is not too far. I can come up and hit it with the BFH ( big friendly hammer ) for a little less than @Tones Just a little ;) Last time we were there I was still drinking and we wine toured our way up the Okanagan.
  5. skyking1

    How do I remove the sun gear? No bolts/clips on the cover!

    Back to my post about oil and tincture of time.
  6. skyking1

    Help Inspecting Undercarriage - 977H

    I see that thing as sort of a glorified yard machine. get it moving and turning, then use it to pick up a heavy thing now and again and it is worth the $1800 move. If kept on flat ground and not in a hard push, the tracks will probably hold up. It is one sidehill away from a very bad day so I...
  7. skyking1

    Adding an auger to cat320dl

    thumb circuit works two ways. Beware heat when you get it going. I prefer letting motor loads to get dumped straight to the tank, but needing two way function means it has to go back through the valves both ways.
  8. skyking1

    Just some work pics

    you could plug Boeing in there and it would fit to a tee.
  9. skyking1

    How do I remove the sun gear? No bolts/clips on the cover!

    might I suggest some penetrating oil and sleeping on it, if you can.
  10. skyking1

    what to do and what not to do when a engine runs on its own?

    As a lad I worked at Sears in the service department. Those little tecumsehs in the common mower have a little oil pump, and they will keep running on practically no oil. We'd get a mower back on maintenance agreement that was burning oil and smoking, and sometimes we'd tie it to the loading...
  11. skyking1

    Hydraulic Cylinder Rod End - Grease Won't Flow

    All good ideas on drilling and connecting the hole to the existing groove pattern. I would not remove a good bushing for this fix. Thanks @92U 3406 @Delmer @kshansen
  12. skyking1

    Memories for us old truckers

    YOU get under there and change the oil!! No YOU do it!!
  13. skyking1

    Memories for us old truckers

    just gimmie the brake. That is all I need.
  14. skyking1

    what to do and what not to do when a engine runs on its own?

    If it's a lube oil runaway, you need to stop the intake of air. Too many conditions and situations to enumerate a procedure that fits. I hotrodded a VW TDI once, and part of that was removing the ASV valve which cut off the air when you keyed off. It had a funky intercooler that could "store"...
  15. skyking1

    Cat D7G year model

    take a few pictures please. Somebody will know it by the shape etc.
  16. skyking1

    Bucket wear bar repair

    It was your turnaround. Why fix/patch it when you guys refreshed the whole thing in the same timeframe? it was a good deal for them.
  17. skyking1

    Memories for us old truckers

    I want the machinery!
  18. skyking1

    Bucket wear bar repair

    I got plate of AR400, ripped some strips. Then I removed the old wear plates with a scarfing tip and did any structural repairs. Put on the new strips. The 2' and 3' only needed the longitudinal corner strips. The cross ones were OK. The cleanup 4' bucket needed all of it and straightening...
  19. skyking1


    Welcome aboard, you will find yourself in some good company with other Komatsu techs. Take a look around and you'll see some good stuff going on. This guy right here, Lachau helps out a ton among several others.
  20. skyking1

    Brush Mower on Excavator????

    Welcome aboard Barb. That is some nice kit you have there. I don't know the answer to your question but hopefully somebody else will.