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    Hi a have slight problem with my tb175 year 2007 when starting up sometimes all four lights on the dash will be flashing and when she fires up it runs poorly but then switch off and wait till only the one light is lit she goes fine with all functions has anyone came across this problem thanks
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    Bg308 paver

    Hi all a have a bg308 paver when the screeds are pulled in the right screed is lower than the left how do a realign them does anyone know
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    Bg 200 paver

    Hi all I have a bg 200 paver she is old but paving well problem is the gas tubes are becoming worn and boxes are beginning to burn out also is this a major issue or can it be repaired with little problem or does anyone know if companies in Ireland that repair these machines thanks
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    Bomag 80 roller

    Is it safe enough to run it with fuse and manual switch?
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    Bomag 80 roller

    Once a disconnected that black part it seems to be operating properly
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    Bomag 80 roller

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    Bomag 80 roller

    A was figuring if a put a manual switch on it with a fuse a could still have a brake just wasn't sure if the thing inside the plug that am bypassing was some kind of safety for the actual solenoid itself
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    Bomag 80 roller

    Hi all my bomag 80 roller brakes are stuck on AV traced the problem to the plug that connects to the brake solenoid there seems to be a capacitor of some sort inside the plug and when a bypass this the brakes release is it safe to bypass this?