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  1. crane operator

    Commercial construction work pictures

    I posted pictures yesterday, and had no problems. Might check how large of images you are trying to post, if you have gotten a new camera/ computer recently. For a while about 4-6 months ago, I had to resize all my photos down before posting. I hadn't had to do that in a long time, but now-...
  2. crane operator

    Just some work pics

    The "trucker" is a local contractor, has a dirt/demo business, and a roll off dumpster business also. He's got a big excavator with a thumb, and kind of a trash yard where they burn tree/ yard waste where they were getting offloaded. I measured out the precast, after getting no response from...
  3. crane operator

    what do these errors mean.

    You've been saving up that song just for this occasion? Don't be holding back on those smooth tunes....
  4. crane operator

    Orphan hanomag followed me home

    If that means terex and massey ferguson, good luck getting much info from either company. They have both dropped and added lines in the past that are no longer supported. That doesn't mean you can't get parts, you just have a extra step of finding out where hanomag got the (for instance)...
  5. crane operator

    The place I work sold out

    We don't do direct deposit for our employees. We have tried to keep our banking and our accounting separate, simply because of the contractors I know that have been hacked. I don't want my employees bank accounts and all their info, able to be exposed in any hack. We do it old school and...
  6. crane operator

    Sometimes you get lucky

    You really should know better Dave. At least check the oil/ water and air filter. And make sure there isn't a huge mouse or rat other creature's nest on the exhaust manifold, that's going to burn the wiring down when it gets going.... Were you singing Bon Jovi as you lit it off?
  7. crane operator

    Just some work pics

    The trickiest part, is the fuselage is jammed up against one column, and the wingtip won't clear the other. So you bank it up like its making a big turn, once it is 30' up, and slide the left wing over top of a I-beam, once its past the column. Scissorlift and boom lift access. At least...
  8. crane operator

    Just some work pics

    I left some things out, it was discussed elsewhere. I had a customer that wanted me to come to Dallas to hang this plane. I hung the first one in his building here in town, this building is more or less identical. We've been loading up most of the items here, at the local fabrication...
  9. crane operator

    Just some work pics

    Fighting some old precast beams. Need us to demo the old drive under porch. Remodeling the building. Last one took more time than the first three combined. It was wedged in by grout overhead. Hammer drill and busting brick and we finally got it out. After we had the first one off the...
  10. crane operator

    Just some work pics

    Plane was about 2" larger than the gap between columns. But its up. Took all day, but its turned at the right angle and pitch, and its wired to the ceiling. Cheated this time. Last one of these I did- the roof was on the building. Talked them into leaving a hole in the roof and that made...
  11. crane operator

    Just some work pics

    We did have to quit for a couple hours one day. If you can get the glass hanging horizontal, it doesn't catch much wind.
  12. crane operator

    Remanufactured Tractor Parts

    There is a CNH tractor manufacturing facility in Springfield, Mo. I just don't see them using or building their own site. Smells like spam to me.
  13. crane operator

    Speedometer repair Ford 8000 Truck

    If you are wanting to check the cable drive (if its cable drive), I have built a temporary drive, to drive the transmission end off a drill, to see if the gauge, cable, or drive gear on the transmission was the problem. I was using it on a tach drive, but its the same deal, turn it on one end...
  14. crane operator

    Speedometer repair Ford 8000 Truck

    If its not a simple fix (sender unit on rear of transmission) or a obvious cable disconnect- I would just put in a GPS aftermarket one. We have one in one of the cranes, and its accurate enough for no faster than we travel. Which is probably the same for you with a 7.8 and allison, you...
  15. crane operator

    Sliding axle/tilt recovery trailers and excavators

    Here in Missouri that would be a permit to move the empty trailer around, so nobody runs 10’ wide trailers here. And I know I’ve never seen a 10’ rollback trailer. Didn’t even know anyone made one. My rollback trailer is a 8’ wide paver trailer built by trail-eze. we throw down some...
  16. crane operator

    Just another day in paradise

    I’m not bringing a crane, just some rigging. He’s got a crane, operator and 4-5 Ironworkers, and we’re going to hang a plane in the ceiling of a building. Think of me more as a technical consultant.
  17. crane operator

    Just another day in paradise

    I will however miss the perverse pleasure out of comparing summer maine temps and east texas temps, just to reinforce my opinions of texas...... And on that note, I'm climbing in the truck this morning, and headed for Dallas. Got a one day job (one pick actually) to help a good customer, and...
  18. crane operator

    Just another day in paradise

    Exactly my point. I don't think of what mike has done in moving, and then moving back, as a nightmare. I look at it as a "hey lets try this", and if it doesn't work, that's okay. There are lots of things in life that are nightmares, but this isn't one of them. Get a terminal cancer...
  19. crane operator

    Just another day in paradise

    Good for you. A lot of people are afraid to go out and stretch a little, I've always thought there's no harm in trying something different. Life is a adventure. Hoping to move before hot weather? or just see how the stars align with property etc?
  20. crane operator

    Why I hate boom trucks

    It says he's been using it for a year since the incident. My guess is the ins. company and him have been fighting back and forth on a settlement, and the insurance man wants it settled. They aren't going to insure it any more, with grove considering it a "condemned" machine. The insurance...