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  1. shovelman

    Old Warner Swasey backhoe on San Antonio CL

    This is a Hopto 200. These were originally produced by Badger and even after W & S purchased them the production continued in Winona, Minnesota and the factory is still operating today as a subsidiary of Manitex.
  2. shovelman

    Brochure and catalog collectors

    Man; that's harsh, but is textbook feminine rage. Actually, I'm surprised she didn't go after the truck first! Please don't say you also had a collection of scale models?
  3. shovelman

    Brochure and catalog collectors

    Are there any of you guys out there? In recent years, I've taken the time to go through brochures and catalogs picked up over the years and discovered hundreds of duplicates. I would prefer to exchange with other collectors than stick the stuff on eBay. One particular brochure I'm trying to...
  4. shovelman

    Information German brand zeppelin

    I agree that it would be fantastic to have such a reference source, but who will create it? There are brochure collectors all over the world who could contribute information, but finding them and getting their support for such a project could be difficult.
  5. shovelman

    Information German brand zeppelin

    trombeur, Sennebogen produces a very high quality machine in my opinion and in the last twenty years their scrap handlers have become very popular in my region. To learn more about them, check out www.sennebogen.de To the best of my knowledge; Luftschiffbau Zeppelin was established by Count...
  6. shovelman

    Information German brand zeppelin

    trombeur, Since there is some discussion regarding the Haddick, here's a post on it from the past: https://www.heavyequipmentforums.com/threads/cat-tracked-dumper.30042/ To answer your question about the Zeppelin small hydraulic excavators and small wheel loaders to the best of my knowledge...
  7. shovelman

    More Cat 6015B and 6020B builds

    Keep them coming!
  8. shovelman

    New Cat 6020B

    Thanks for posting the photos Zed! What are the order books like for 6030 through 6090? Is the market for front shovels in the smaller weight classes diminishing? When the RH40 and RH90 order books close, do you expect Caterpillar to offer a shovel front for the 6015B and 6020B? One of the...
  9. shovelman

    rotating loading shovel

    I'm sure you have seen some interesting prototypes. There was a lot of innovative thinking and engineering in Europe in the '60s and '70s, and it is my personal opinion that more prototypes made it into the iron than here in America. Here is a photo of the Benati Multi Works 180 I mentioned.
  10. shovelman

    rotating loading shovel

    This is an interesting post and covers different types of excavators, so let's take them one at a time? First let's discuss the most interesting design? In my opinion they are the machines like the Hydromac in your second post in this thread. It is basically a crawler dozer/loader...
  11. shovelman

    Link-Belt D300 Articulating Dump truck questions

    I guess your local Link-Belt dealer isn't any help? Try your local Case dealer then. Both the Link-Belt D300 and Case 330 are actually Astra ADT30s, just repainted and rebranded. 'Hope this helps.
  12. shovelman

    komatsu dozer Parts and Operation/maintenance manuals

    I'm in need of a service manual for a Komatsu D20P-5. It is serial number 50531. Thanks in advance!
  13. shovelman

    smallest Face shovel

    That 328D LCR was on display at the bauma show in 2007 and is a tunnel set-up. As of 2011 it was still sitting unsold in the Zeppelin yard in Garching just rusting away.
  14. shovelman

    smallest Face shovel

    The smallest "proper" face or front shovel that wasn't a custom or one-off that I'm aware of is the Poclain FC30 with a working weight of ~9T. I saw one at a clay / shale quarry in Belgium back in the '80s. It's unfortunate it was on a weekend so I didn't see it working but was surely still in...
  15. shovelman

    Conexpo Russia

    Conexpo Russia is next week in Moscow. If any forum members are attending, please contact me ASAP? Thanks http://www.conexporussia.com/EN/index.asp
  16. shovelman

    My handbuilt scale model collection

    Chris, Your models look very nice. What are they made from? 'All the best, John
  17. shovelman

    Caterpillar to purchase Bucyrus International

    Dirt Hauler, Unfortunately, there is no "mining" category on HEF. It was not my intention to be redundant, so hopefully a moderator can simply remove this post? Thanks
  18. shovelman

    Caterpillar to purchase Bucyrus International

    I'm surprised this hasn't been posted already! If it's actually approved, I wouldn't shocked to learn a few months later that Cat was selling the trucks and underground equipment to Joy Global. Here's the official; http://www.cat.com/cda/files/2535301/7/111510
  19. shovelman

    IMCATS show October 2 & 3

    I'm curious how many HEF members are planning to attend this show. It is without doubt, the largest selection of construction scale models available (in one location at one time) in the western hemisphere! It would be nice to put a face with a user name if any of you will be there. I'll be...