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    1:50 scale construction model collection for sale

    Is the 16m or the 385 still available?
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    A few projects I have done recently

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    projects and work

    Nice looking work Joey, your potential is limitless.
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    some work pictures

    With his talent, the bucket will be good as new when he is done.
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    some work pictures

    Great work Tom, as always.
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    Zerks Won't Take Grease

    kshansen, I'm south east of Syracuse,1/2 half way between Binghamton and Syracuse. The measureable snow stops in Fabius, everything else is wind blown.
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    Zerks Won't Take Grease

    We use a low temp grease for our Tucker snow groomers. I believe we get it at our local NAPA store. No snow around here to groom this year, really blows.-16 this morning.
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    Cat 740's with scrapers

    That's quite an airport job.
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    crusher in bits...lots of bits

    What's scrap worth now?
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    some work pictures

    Nice work Tom.
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    Shop made equipment/creations?

    Way to think outside the box guys!!! Nice work.
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    What's up with Randy?

    Glad to see that you're enjoying things Randy.
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    What's up with Randy?

    Yes, that is who I meant.
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    What's up with Randy?

    I haven't seen much of what our resident grader operator been doing lately. Hope all is well.
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    Looks Like I might be helping move a D10N!

    Do you get to put it back together?
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    Looks Like I might be helping move a D10N!

    Must be a good deal for the company to go through with a move like this. Especially with the economics of things.
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    anyone run a gradall?

    For grading purposes the Gradall will out do any other wheeled excavator.
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    Lets see your "ultimate" service truck!

    Nice truck bigshow. Is that for your toys or work rig?
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    Curious Why They Mill Miles of Rural Highway Before Overlay

    On some jobs where the company has the millings and the asphalt plant the jobs get a credit by the ton for the millings brought back to the plant.
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    Transfer Tank & Toolbox Setups

    Do you guys need any placards to carry a certain amount of fuel? I was thinking on putting a tank in my truck but heard the DOT calculates the total on board as the amount in your vehicle tank and what is in the transfer tank.