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    320 JD skidsteer hyd lock up issues with code F9H9

    Check the wires that go to your seat switch and seat belt, those are susceptible to getting pinched and will generate that code.
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    Trying to source a new or used (but working) Torque Motor

    I don't know where in New York you are but I can recommend this company. Empire Hydraulics & machine, 13428 Victory Lane, Adams Center NY 13606 315-284-4012
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    Recommendation for Vibratory Post driver with grapple - one man operation?

    Montana Post Driver. Vibratory post pounder used by quite a few people in this area. Will put a 4" heavy wall pipe through 5" in concrete floor.
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    12-16 ton dump trailers

    Brakes on the trailer make a huge difference. I have a John Deere. Most of their ratings in the U.S. are based on the assumption that the trailer does not have brakes. Mine being imported from Europe has the trailer towing option which gives you an auxiliary 5 gallon oil tank for the trans...
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    Komatsu pc50

    PC-50 covers a lot of models, do a google image search on a PC- 50uu-1 and a PC 50uu-2. I am assuming you can't post pictures yet as a new member, if you can post pictures that would be helpful. The uu-1 I am not very familiar with but it would have 90 degree corners on the covers and shields...
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    Komatsu "Four" (safety) System

    I am going mostly off memory from 5 years ago. can't remember if there is 4 spools or 3 on the valve but you will be looking for a valve bank under your right foot when you are in the seat and it should have 9 maybe 7 hoses going to it with 3 or 4 electric solenoids on top of it. Got to run ...
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    Komatsu "Four" (safety) System

    https://www.discounthydraulichose.com/thread-identification-tools-96769.html If you go to this site it will allow you to download a guide to figure out which fittings you have. You will need 4 of a fitting that looks like this part # Part #: 2403-06-06 and 1 of these Part #: 2408-10...
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    Komatsu "Four" (safety) System

    My machine is a ser. 9945 . According to my repair manual the main difference between mine and yours would be mine is a gear pump and yours could have a variable displacement ( hydro style ) pump. Your pilot system should be the same. I got mine reasonable because the prior owner was having the...
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    Komatsu "Four" (safety) System

    I have a PC-50 also. The system can be very problematic to say the least. i ended up bypassing the control spool. Then it is operator skill to keep from hitting the cab. (: Your control spool is under the floor of the cab and has 9 hoses going to it IIRC . Splice the 4 on one side straight...
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    Manual for the KOMATSU PC50UU

    Manual If you don't mind could you forward that manual to me also. I just purchased one myself. dutchlandfoods@gmail.com I would appreciate that very much. Thanks again! PC50uu-2