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    Cat 323f with thumb and jackhammer?

    I have a 324E with a hyd thumb, the aux circuit has a t in it for the thumb and two sets of valves, when I want to hammer I just roll the thumb up, close the valves to it, hook the breaker up and open the valves to it. It works good but you have to take the clamps off of the breaker that hold...
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    Serial number tag for UH083 Hitachi

    I have an old UH083LC Hitachi that I am trying to sell, and a guy wants to buy it and export it, to do that it needs the serial number tag on it which of course got ripped off sometime in the last 20+ years. Catch is it is a grey market machine and the local dealer who sold it to me can't help...
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    D9G or D9H - What do you recommend?

    How many tons of ore an hour can you process?
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    FS International TD6 62series

    For Sale: International TD6 62series (6cy direct start engine) parts machine, good tracks, final drives, steering clutches, trans, blade, ripper, engine seized Located in Port Austin MI, asking $2500
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    FS Cat 120 Grader

    Selling my Caterpillar 120 Grader, 89G series believe it is a 1967, I am the second owner was a county machine. It has the front blade and scarifier. Average condition, runs and works good, new cutting edge on 13' moldboard, all glass is in the cab, doors have some rust, tires all hold air but...
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    Fiat Allis 16B Engine compatability

    I have a Fiat Allis 16B, and its looking like I need at least one head for it, possibly a fuel pump. I found an engine in a generator with crank problems, both are 17000 Mark IIs, generator is S/N 17-04573 (engine s/n) and my engine is S/N 14-02841. Does anyone know if they are compatible? Or...
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    Cat D250E fault codes

    Also could you send me the trans testing procedure? Thank you
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    Cat D250E fault codes

    No, I'm not. How do I clear the codes?
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    Cat D250E fault codes

    Have a D250E 5TN1462 third gear is not working, computer shows code 168 F01, can someone tell me what that means.
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    Tips' Backing up a "Long Truck " Trailer.

    16' fishing boat is easy, try the two place snowmobile trailer or log splitter, not only are they very short, but you can't even see them until they are jacked lol. When you get good backing up one trailer, come to Michigan where we back up two trailers at a time, now that can be real fun.
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    Friction Crane Operation-Tips and Tricks?

    Hey TD25C, could you post a close up picture of the attachment points on the outrigger feet in your picture? I have the same problem with my Unit 357, someone stole or lost the feet for it so I will probably make some, just looking for ideas on an easy to make pad. Also any suggestions on size...
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    1020 Unit Crane

    Assuming it is set up as a crane, w/ 35' of boom and a 3-71 Detroit the weight is listed as 36,742. If it is a 1020A, or has a live boom, extra counterweight, tall gantry, or any of the other accessories it would of course weigh more. If you need manuals or parts let me know, I know a couple...
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    D250E hydraulics wont work when cold

    Think we finally solved this one. Went through the testing procedures in the documents that Nige sent me, determined that the left side pump was shot. One reman pump later and everything works like it should. We suspect that with only one working pump it was losing prime from the tank when it...
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    Dump truck options.

    Looks like you should end up with a nice truck. The fords were a good truck, just stay on top of the rust, thats what killed the ones we had. The other drawback as mentioned is parts are tough to get and expensive I remember the air tanks that go under the cab were hard to find and very...
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    Cat parts availibility...

    Shouldnt be a problem, I can get parts for the D318 engine on my crusher that was built in the 40s, the next day if I need it that quick. They might have to get the book out cause its not in the computer system lol. Now on the other hand the komatsu dealer tells me that this or that is no longer...
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    Terex S-11E drive issues

    I think that greeniron is right, post a picture of it if it is handy. I believe it is the same exact machine as a Hancock 292 or Michigan 110-11 or clark 110-11 (some may have had a cummins engine, but otherwise the same). I had a pair of 292s, scrapped one to keep the other going, had a spare...
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    drott 40 overhating

    Start with the simple things, clean the radiator, you might have to remove the hyd oil cooler to get it clean. Even if it looks like it is clean a good scrubbing usually makes quite a difference. With these older machines you get oil leaks, then you get oil on the radiator, then dirt sticks to...
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    Man Hole setting

    We do it about the same, but dig around and under the pipe and slide a flat bottom (or cookie) under the pipe then set the doghouse manhole on top, cut the top of the pipe off and pour the invert.
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    Help Identifying Model of this Old Euclid/Terrex Loader

    Hard to tell as all the 72-21 through 72-51 look the same. I would guess from the engine and tires that it is a 72-31 or 72-41. The engine is a 6V53 ( you can just see one of the valve covers in the third pic, it bolts down around the edges, the 71 series had bolts in the center of the valve...