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  1. J

    old mechanical tracked loader with backhoe bucket

    I can see NDER.
  2. J

    Hauling dozer

    I second the "one little wire" argument. 20 years ago I was pulling a John Deere 35 mini on a trailer that my old boss now uses to haul a 50 behind an '88 Chevy 3500. I went to a job, making many stops at intersections and lights. Finished that and headed for the next job. Stopped at several...
  3. J

    Rebuilding Deere 1810E scraper

    Time to start rolling your own. Tracks from this, engine from that, transmission from there, cab from here, next thing you know you're getting calls from other guys wanting one.
  4. J

    Old conventionals at work

    Guessing it's a BE 22B. How big of a job was it to revive?
  5. J

    1976 F-250 dump

    That's probably it. The trick to filling it is not to fill it too full because you can't see the level and you're adding when the oil is at its lowest point. I just add a half quart at a time until the bed goes all the way up, then add a little more. If you get too much, it'll just push out the...
  6. J

    1976 F-250 dump

    The reservoir might be built around the cylinder if it's something like 6 inches in diameter. Is there a plug/cap/vent somewhere on the top side of the cylinder?
  7. J

    Overload of the Day

    We know how to spot Skyking now. Look for a guy wearing youth size shirts and a 58" inseam
  8. J

    questions , Galion 503L with diesel 353 motor

    Nice grader! Those wheel centers are cast iron to add weight to the machine so they're gonna be heavy.
  9. J

    Biggest dozer to pull without having a CDL?

    A five axle highway tractor trailer can gross 80,000 anywhere in the US. The truck is 46-47k, the trailer is 33-34k. The truck might weigh 18k by itself, but then it takes another 1.5 times it's own weight from the trailer.
  10. J

    lets talk looks

    Always liked the looks of most of the friction and cable cranes and shovels of the '40s on up. Link-Belt, Bucyrus Erie, Northwest with the orange sides and black rounded roof. Unit, very trim and compact looking. Almost any dozer/crawler that has a hood wider in the front than the back just says...
  11. J

    Just some work pics

    Is that a tug and barge? Does the tug pivot around on it's bow to go the other way?
  12. J

    Cat and Deere dozer questions

    Oh ok, I've never checked specs. I've always thought of 450/D3, 550/D4 of the same years as being fairly comparable so I assumed the 650/D5 were close, too but I've never looked at the specs on any, they just seemed fairly comparable in my limited experience with the smaller machines.
  13. J

    Cat and Deere dozer questions

    Around 2010, an old boss told me he was looking to upgrade his JD 450H so he demo'd a 650J and a D5K and ran them together on a big basement job. One machine was feeding the other. They switched operators, then machines and then operators again so both operators ran both machines in both...
  14. J

    Winter Works

    It goes pretty good. Last year I plowed several miles of former railroad grade, (easy turns and gentle grades) that was 2-3 feet deep. I was able to make it a long ways before needing any chains at all due to the tires having lots of small rock cuts in them kind of like siping but now I have new...
  15. J

    Winter Works

    It's mid January, anybody getting any snow yet? We got a cold snap and got 12-18 inches in the woods. I got to plow powder which was fun and had to chain up for some steep narrow roads which wasn't so much. I like to make my first pass throwing the snow to the downhill side and then widen the...
  16. J

    Driving piles with a 15 ton excavator and rock hammer.

    I've seen a picture of it being done. Someone was putting in rows of piling in the Toutle River upstream of the sediment dam for structure to catch trash and sediment from Mt St Helens. I think they welded a plate with a short piece of pipe to go over the top of the piling to the shank and used...
  17. J

    Victim of the Shipping Gorillas:

    FedEx is a joke. I've seen packages go back and forth between shipping hubs. One package came to a hub, then another the next day. The first one sat there for almost a week while the second one left the day after it got there. The delivery drivers are contractors who may not speak English as a...
  18. J

    case 780 impulse buy, so many questions....

    It's kinda like Ford N series tractors. People spend several thousand bucks to restore them and they still aren't worth much or all that useful when they're done. But they enjoyed the project so it was worthwhile to them.
  19. J

    Molboard setting

    I only plow logging roads so this is only talking about rock, the snow is usually on the wetter side and usually melts before the next snowfall. I like to just skim the rock and plow with the crown. I don't sweat it if a little rock goes with if I can leave the snow on the shoulder where it can...