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    Precombustion chamber temperature???

    If the sealer used had been copper coat, here it is an antiseize and less of a sealer. As tctractors says the caramel Permatex on copper head gaskets may be used. In the real old days shellac was used on copper head gaskets. I don’t know if you can buy that type anymore
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    Bought another welder

    I’ve had a couple of the DialArc’s and still have one. Its a DialArc 250HF also set up for tig and i bought it new in the mid 90’s. In my opinion they were/are great machines. It’ll still be worth something when i’m done with it in about 15 years-it still looks like new
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    Can I pull a RD7 to see if the big motor is stuck

    Can you reach in and grab a fan blade and attemp to turn it if the fan belt is tight enough?
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    M100 gun problems

    And all the continual flexing and twisting eventually causes issues after a lot of use, especially at the gun end
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    old mechanical tracked loader with backhoe bucket

    I would think with that forward mounted bucket the visibility down in the shallow trench would have been a challenge but with some practice it would be easier
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    Kubota DPF regen cycles

    I’ve got 2 Kubota’s -30hp and 70hp and i usually only get 6-10 hrs between regen under light load and cool temperatures. No problems just can be annoying
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    Straightening a hydraulic cylinder rod (JCB 212s, backhoe bucket cylinder)

    Most hyd cylinder rods are only hardened on the outer 2-4mm depending on the diameter. If a hyd cyl rod can bend without breaking or cracking then it can usually be straightened. It just depends who is doing the straightening and how
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    Need help with a 1984 Clark 75B Cummings V-504-C

    Clean all the wheel o-ring surfaces(rim and ring), coat the grooves with tire bead sealer as well as the sealing surface on the ring and install a new o-ring is what i would do.
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    Case backhoe low oil pressure problem

    By the sound of it, you’ve damaged the crank and rods already so no point in running it anymore. Pull the oilpan and check the oil pump and then remove and check all the main and rod bearings before you go any farther
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    Precombustion chamber temperature???

    You could pop out the core plugs on the side of the block and check for scale buildup. Then flush water down through and see what, if anything, comes out. I heard of a dead mouse once in an engine block causing an overheating issue
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    Object on intake

    Less to go wrong but they break easily whereas the metal ones usually bend or squash before they break
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    Come along on two pipe wrenches

    I’ve got a cheap 24” with a bowed handle- i don’t remember how i did that but i have a couple no-name aluminum 18”ers that will never break, given to me one xmas by my FIL. They won’t grip anything, something to do with the angle of the teeth. They need to be melted down and made into something...
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    Opion on a 1995 GMC 6500 Dump Truck.

    In my opinion the 3116 was not nearly as good as the 3208 it replaced due to the changes in emissions requirements. The 3208’s were easy to work on and were made for so many years that parts are readily available along with still being able to find good running used complete engines as they were...
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    Object on intake

    The warning light in the cab display was/is a hell of a lot better than the plastic indicator type that most operators don’t ever look at
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    Ed's 77 Terex 72-41

    The type numbers likely indicate updated design changes. ie. type 1 first design, type 2 second design and so on
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    Object on intake

    Most ag engines used that type of air filter restriction indicator system. Nowadays on new ag engines i’m not sure what they use
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    Drilling tricks for work hardening

    One place i worked at we always used 5/8” through-hardened alloy edges on the graders. No drilling those. Oxy/acetylene or plasma cutter. Not that hard to do a reasonable job but the heat upsets the heat-treating around the holes and may lead to cracking or breaking. Occasionally i used to have...
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    Ed's 77 Terex 72-41

    Its the old GM parts system. They use group numbers in the illustrations and then you go to the sequential group numbers in the text and from there read and figure out what you’re after based on their description and terminology. You really have to use your imagination. Different manufacturers...
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    Cat D7F 3306 making engine oil (suspect fuel from transfer pump)

    Plastigaging the mains can be done but it requires putting a hyd jack under a counterweight close to the one you are checking to support the crank in order to get an accurate result
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    Ride Control

    I suspect the accumulator is nitrogen charged and occasionally an accumulator will lose its charge. Some can be reharged and some can’t.