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    jd 310se engine removal

    There is a tool that will hold the trans up while you have the engine out. Its pretty simple but you have to remove the black cowling over the hyd tank. It sits on the frame rails and in the center there is a piece of all thread with a hook on it. Your local dealer will probably have one that...
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    Deere 950J Issue

    I'm sure its a Liebherr...maybe with a JD engine.
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    What are your thoughts on this loader?

    $3500 a month for wheel loader rental is cheap! If you are interested in this and your close, go by and take a look. Drive it around but remember the basics. Check your engine blow by, check the transmission. Stab the bucket in the ground and make sure it will spin the tires in 1st and maybe...
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    Komatsu Rigid Frame Truck Facility in Peoria (PMO)

    Complete assembly time was just a few days but you have to remember everything comes in as assemblies. Number of people in assembly....if I remember right it was about 20 give or take a few.
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    Any experience with Solid tires

    Solids are a great option to foam. With foam you still have to worry about side wall cuts. Solids also last longer as long as you are not going with the super cheap. Its like anything else, you get what you pay for. The solids JLG sells will get you twice the life of a standard tire with...
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    State bids for equipment rentals

    Ok, so I realize there are alot of us here and we are all here for different reasons but I'm looking for someone who has either done state work or has rented equipment to the state. Here is my concern/question, the state is looking for equipment to rent for up coming work they are doing. I was...
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    Few Cat Pull Pan Pics

    You used to see track type tractors pulling scraper pans more than you do now. I see alot of ag tractor and pan combos running around. Wonder what the cost comparison was on a track type and large scraper vs an ag tractor and 25yd pan? Nice pics by the way.
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    With the Giant Rock Cutters Of Texas....

    Wonder what they paid for it since it has a Ritchey Brothers auction sticker on it?
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    Loaders, Limbers and Roadbuilders.

    That's impressive!
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    Best Excavator Buckets

    Hensley makes a really good bucket. Made from US steel, not that China junk. http://www.hensleyind.com/
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    East Texas coal mining machine pics along with other randoms

    PC2000 getting on a barge for some Mississippi River work. WA800 is in Oklahoma at quarry
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    East Texas coal mining machine pics along with other randoms

    The PC3000 is actually in West Louisiana The D475-5EO is just south of Dallas pushing rock at a portland cement facility
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    4045 Powertech help

    X2 You should always replace head bolts. These bolt actually stretch in the torquing procedure so reuse would be risky. About the cracks in the head, those were pretty bullet proof engines so really nothing was "common" I'd like to see a pic of these cracks you are talking about. Could they...
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    Advice on what brand backhoe to buy ???

    Why not a Deere? They have the majority of market share when it comes to the backhoe market. You can't drive by one rental company that doesn't have a JD backhoe on the yard for rent. I my opinion.....each company has the one or two products that they excel with and when I think Cat, I don't...
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    24H Awaiting shipment

    Was down in the Texas City Texas area and spotted this 24M. Sorry for the poor photo quality but I had never seen one in person before. Was pretty good sized even with the tires off.
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    jlg 400s wheel lock up

    Most of JLG's manuals are their public web page. You can also call Mijack/TSI in Dallas. They are a service provider for JLG equipment. Larry is the service manager, he may be able to steer you in the right direction.
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    Lull 644E-42

    JLG offers reman transmissions. By the time you spend the money on parts and labor, you can just buy a complete and have a 1 yr warranty.
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    john deere 550g leaking hydraulic fluid from rear

    This rear panel covers the transmission. This machine has a 4 speed powershift transmission in it. You can remove that panel pretty easy but be sure and drain the sump. There is a pipe thread plug on the under side of this compartment that will take a 1/2" ratchet. Have several drain pans...