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  1. J

    Final drive... rebuild or replace?

    Howdy, I'm slowly rebuilding my ihi 55j2 excavator. Bought it awhile ago, finally got a new/used isuzu 4jb1 dropped in to replace the 4ja1, and had many of the pin bores line bored and rebushed. One of the last big deals is the left side final drive. Didn't have any plugs on it, therefore no...
  2. N

    Ford 555E Swing Cylinder Rebuild

    Hey ya'll, I wanted to make a post and share out a video I made on rebuilding the swing cylinders on my 1998 Ford / New Holland 555E backhoe. It seemed like it would be a tall task but ended up being easier then expected. If anyone is looking to do the same feel free to ask any questions!
  3. B

    Cummins ISB out of frame start.

    Hello, I just recently rebuilt a Cummins 6.7L isb (EPA 10) engine out of frame. I want to start it on the ground before installing it into frame. I know I will need batteries, fuel, coolant set up etc… Where I have trouble is the wiring. What wiring do I need to have installed/rigged up to...
  4. Bobcat Crazy

    Massey Ferguson 235 and 265 refurbish questions

    Hi All, I am working on refurbing two MF tractors and I need a source for new gauges. The only thing I have been able to locate is cheap junk from India. When you can purchase 4 gauges and the tach for less than $100 bucks that tells me that they are of junk quality. I have looked at many...
  5. G

    753 Cracked bucket spool Bushing

    After fixing oring leaks, doing some log splitting no bogging or anything heard and all of a sudden all my hydraulic fluid is on the ground. ;( Found the culprit today and saw the oil was spewing out of the bucket spool on the front part. So I took it apart and found that the bushing that holds...
  6. Seans problems

    Finn T330 pump rebuild manual/procedure

    Hi everyone, I have a T330 hydroseeder and the pumps thrust bearing is bad. I want to rebuild it but I'm unsure of how to get this one apart. Does anyone have a manual or procedure on tear down and the rebuild of these?
  7. Andrew Navarrete

    Komatsu PC200-6 Pump Rebuild Swash plate / Cam Rocker issue

    Hello everyone! Maybe someone can help me out on this one.... I am Re-building the main pump for my Komatsu pc210-6 excavator. Ive ordered everything new from the cradle to the pistons barrel and valve plate. I have an issue with the rear pump cradel and Swash plate not fitting correctly. The...
  8. N

    555e bleeding new master cylinders?

    I ended up putting 2 new master cylinders in my 1998 Ford 555e because one was broken and the other quit working. I bled them per the manual, "open bleeder screws until oil comes out", by using the L/R bleeders on the rear end. I had them open for about an hour and had a small drip coming out...
  9. B

    Gland seal leak - first time rebuild questions and tips

    My Bobcat 334 developed a leak on the boom cylinder between the gland and rod. I've never rebuilt a cylinder before and this is a home owner machine (with a home owner budget). I was hoping someone could tell me where I'm wrong and what else I should consider. I got the thing apart, cleaned...
  10. Troy4500Industrial

    Relief valve? Rebuild?

    Hey guys, My 74’ Case 580B has been leaking from this for a while ... I unthreaded it and replaced the o rings last year, but it’s leaking internally from under cap/c clip ... is this a relief valve and how difficult is it to repair? I can’t seem to find any schematics on it
  11. M


    Any good leads on komatsu manual downloads? Getting ready to rebuild one on a D155AX-6
  12. H

    Cat 301.8 final drive lifetime seal leaking

    Hello everyone, this is my first post ever here but have found lots of knowledge in these threads so since i couldn't find anything on this topic, figured I would start my own. I have here a CAT 301.8 SN: BFA06004 that has a leaking lifetime seal. I have removed the final drive from the machine...