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wheeled excavator

  1. J

    Dead Terex HML32, release brakes

    Hello, I was wondering if someone knows how you can release the brakes on a Terex HML32 (9 tons) wheeled excavator? It is not possible to start and I need to get it onto a trailer for transport. Not very familiar with excavators, so general experience on how this usually is done is much...
  2. volvoeire

    Volvo EW140B

    Hi all , Just started working on a new to me EW140B wheeled .. Main Boom lifting fine, if push servo forward to lower it drops like a stone!!no power if tried to raise machine either. Lever feels normal. Haven't done any investigation yet but I'm presuming a broken spring in spool valve, or...
  3. F

    Koehring 4470/4475 Teleskoop Wheeled Excavator

    Hi folks, I hope this is the best place to put this post. I'm guessing peoples' definition of "old iron" varies but since these machines aren't manufactured anymore (as far as I'm aware) I'm thinking it fits. If not, Admins please feel free to move this post. I'm looking for information about...