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1:50 scale construction model collection for sale


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Oct 20, 2007
All 1:50 scale model collection for sale.

80 models all together
Lots of excavators and dozers, loaders, scrapers, off road trucks, graders, high lifts, pipe side booms, picker crane, tub grinder, tri axle dumptruck, lube trucks, several lowboys.

CCM, Tmc, Wsi, Nzg, Norscot, First Gear, Motorart, Ertl, Sword, TWH and a few customs.

A lot of Cats, Komastu, Hitachi, Volvo, John Deere, Peterbuilts, Kenworth, Mack, etc....

PM me for more details and pics. Serious inquires only



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Oct 20, 2007
Norscot Cat 657G Scraper
Ertl Cat 631E
Ertl Cat D10N w/ pull scraper 631
Norscot Cat 613G Elevating Scraper
CCM Cat 637E
CCM Cat 631E
CCM Cat 666 MCcoy Version
CCM Cat D9L w/ 631E pull scraper
First Gear Case 485 tractor w/ 2 miskin pull pans
Motorart Volvo A40D Truck
Norscot Cat 725 end dump
Ertl Cat D350D end dump
CCM Cat D10 push blade version
CCM Cat D10 w/ripper
First Gear International TD25 w/ custom weathered look
First Gear Komatsu D51Px
First Gear Komatsu D61Ex
First Gear Komatsu D375A
Norscot Cat D11T
Norscot Cat D11R
Ertl Cat D10N
Norscot Cat D11R
Ertl Cat D10N
Norscot Cat D10T
Norscot Cat D8R with custom steel tracks
Norscot Cat D6T XW
Norscot Cat D7E
Norscot Cat D6K
Ertl JD 850C
Ertl JD 650H
Norscot Cat 587T pipe layer
Norscot Cat 572 pipe layer
Norscot Cat 963D
Norscot Cat 977 traxcavator
NZG Cat 953
Norscot Cat 966 loader
Norscot Cat 950H loader
Norscot Cat 980G Loader
Norscot Cat 980G log loader
Ertl Case 921C
Ertl JD 624J
Ertl Cat 988B
Norscot Cat 825H Compactor
Ertl JD 310 SE Backhoe
Norscot Cat 420D IT Backhoe
First Gear Komatsu WB140 Backhoe
Norscot Cat 140H Grader
Norscot Cat 140M Grader
Norscot Cat 14M Grader
First Gear Komatsu GD655
Ertl JD 872D
CCM Cat 16M
WSI Hitachi 870LCH
TMC Hitachi 470LCH
TMC Hitachi 250LCH
CCM Cat 385C
CCM Cat 245
NZG Volvo EC460C
NZG Komatsu PC200
First Gear Komatsu PC300
Norscot Cat 330D
Motorart Volvo EC700B
Ertl Hitachi 450 – 2 of these
Ertl JD 450 excavator
Norscot Cat 320D
Ertl JD 200D
Ertl JD 200LC
Norscot Cat M316D
Norscot Cat 365B
Norscot Cat 5080 Front Shovel
First Gear Mack Tri-axle Dump truck – custom
First Gear Mack Tractor w/ 3 axle talbert lowboy
First Gear Peterbilt Tractor w/ 3 axle talbert lowboy
Sword Peterbilt 379 w Rogers 3 axle lowboy
Sword Kenworth T800 w Rogers 4 axle lowboy
Sword Peterbilt Lube Truck – Walsh Version
Sword Peterbilt Lube Truck – Ryan Central Inc
Sword Petebilt 379 tractor w/ Vermeer Tub Grinder
TWH Grove RT 540E Crane – Walsh Version


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Oct 20, 2007
I've had several ask about selling individual pieces. Let me know I'm willing to sell pieces or by groups whatever your looking for.


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Feb 22, 2012
New York
Operator/Mechanic/Truck driver
wonderful guy to deal with bought some stuff from him yesterday