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Bobcat stump grinder


New Member
Nov 1, 2022
Pittsburgh, pa
One of our guys backed away from the stump grinder attachment for our mt55 mini and pulled the electrical cord out of the connector. So now I have a lot of colored pins and no idea which slot they go back in. I talked to bobcat and they have no color coded pin diagram. Any suggestions? Please


Senior Member
May 9, 2011
North of the 60
Cargo Tanks, ULSD, RUG, Methanol, LPG
C91D6432-8F9B-4F3A-8B55-D28D9B82295D.jpeg Well, yeah. Unfortunate they didn’t help ya. At least point you in the right direction. It’s probably not a Bobcat stump grinder. It’s probably a different brand and that’s why they didn’t have the info readily available. What brand/model/serial #is it?

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