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Case 1845 (gas non C) gauges replacement


New Member
Sep 23, 2023
Good day everyone,

I just picked up an old (was told 1977) Case 1845 with a gas engine. Everything mechanically seems to work great, I have a cracked exhaust manifold that i'm hoping to replace soon (on order) and am waiting on manuals to arrive so I can get part numbers for all the filters, and then fluid changes. But I would like to address the non-working gauges on this thing.

The ammeter is the only gauge that appears to work. The hour meter doesn't roll when running (stopped at around 1500hrs). I would like to get a fuel gauge on this thing as I don't want to run out of fuel when its -30F and i'm trying to clear my driveway. There appears to be a fuel sender with the wires hanging out of it at the bottom of the back left column, is there any way to test if this sender is working?

I'm curious if anyone has any suggestions on what type of gauges would be recommended to monitor safe operating conditions. I'd assume water temp, transmission temp, oil pressure. The transmission temp appears to be broken where the wire would have gone into the back, but the sensor appears to still be installed. I'm not sure where the water temp or oil pressure senders are.

Any assistance would be much appreciated, this is my first skid steer, well, first piece of heavy equipment ever, so i'm very new to this.


Senior Member
Mar 11, 2012
Central New York, USA
Retired Mechanic in Stone Quarry