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Email contact for Schaeffler UK tech support (LuK torsion dampers)?

Questionable wizard

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Feb 10, 2018
Need another path to find the replacement torsion damper for a Terex TS14G scraper with the 5.9L Cummins other than Terex. The big business models most of these companies follow today are not customer friendly. When the OEM (Terex) offers diminished, marginal, or no support, the old way to source thru the original suppliers has to be tried. The Navistar powered machines use a different supplier for the dampers. I've found that one.

Is there a substantial transmission refurbisher in the UK that might be able to directly conduct business with Schaffler?

I'd post this in the scraper forum, but the General Forum is seen by a wider audience, possibly from the UK. Thanks!


New Member
Jul 4, 2020
We replaced the entire assembly with an easier to source and much cheaper coupler. Unfortunately, it requires the replacement of the flywheel and some custom machining but it can be done