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Mike 56

New Member
Jul 13, 2023
I have a UHo83 excavator it seems like it’s running out of fuel. I have change the fuel filter, drained all the fuel out and started over the hand pump seems to take quite a while to prime the filter. Does anybody know it does the hand pump and the fuel pump for the engine do they operate together? The only fuel pump that I can possibly see is on the right side of the injection pump. I called the dealers and they really don’t seem to know either. I hope there’s somebody out there that knows thank you.

Diesel Dave

Senior Member
Sep 29, 2022
Ontario Canada
Welcome to HEF Mike :cool: .
On the inlet fitting at the fuel pump (mounted to the injection pump) there should be a banjo bolt with a small screen inside of it. That screen is likely plugged.
The banjo bolt screen is mentioned in many threads here at HEF but most recent memory in the UH122 thread below. Post 141 and 160

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