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Logging Accidents: And They Walked Away.........


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Oct 23, 2023
Drayton Valley Alberta
Toby Hird , Sooke River Logging , 1963 . Toby H. as a relatively new and inexperienced Log Truck Driver was sent out to the woods with aView attachment 144980View attachment 144981View attachment 144982View attachment 144983View attachment 144984 truck he wasn't familiar with . The B61 Mack was equipped with a "Lear (electric) Retarder" and was not set up with water on the brakes . The reason the regular driver was away is because he was having issues with the Lear Retarder , and wouldn't drive it until the retarder was fixed . When things went wrong Toby Bailed out of it . The Sooke River M/L had a hill and switch back that was well known , I've never been down it , but I've heard of it . By the time I worked in the area , it had been by passed .
Interesting addition to your post- This was my dad (Bruce Eve)’s first truck. The company was B.A. Eve Logging. Bruce was the driver of this truck. He crashed the same truck on the same hill 3 weeks to the day before Toby crashed. He also bailed and was unharmed. His dad (Edwin Eve, Sr.) owned Sooke River Logging at the time, and Bruce had just branched off on his own when this accident occurred. He says both accidents were due to a failed valve in the air tank. I’ve attached a couple photos of this crazy coincidence. One shows his company name and eerily similar damage to the cab, one with the same pic on his 80th birthday cake (because he is indeed still trucking - now 81) and one of the piece I made for my dad from the original emblems I found in my uncle Ed Eve, Jr’s garage after he passed away. He had kept them for almost 60 years! Fun facts for ya :)


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