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Newbie from SoCal


Feb 11, 2024
Bonsall California
Thankful to have stumbled upon this place while searching for info .
Picked up a 2004 JD 210 LE yesterday , and am anxious to learn from those with more experience . I searched for quite a while and found this one with 4700 hours on it from a private party . Was used but not abused from what i can see . Couple small issues that i am rolling the dice on . Can't believe what the market gets for them .
I hate buying 20 year old mechanical things from stangers , but couldn't justify more $ for a newer unit when i may only put 100 hours on her a year .
I work for a firm that owns and rents alot of iron , but i picked this skiploader up for my 11 acre homestead . Roads get bad and i am tired of having someone else maintain them . Also will be grading some pads here in the future . Did'nt want a toy tractor and JD seem to be pretty reliable and hold their value down here .
Thanks for add . Sorry for the long diatribe of an intro . 20240211_084033.jpg
- Lou