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Takeuchi TL240 wont turn over. Injection pump?


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Jan 14, 2016
Project Manager
I have a TL240 with a yanmar engine. I bought the machine recently and have been fixing lots of little things wrong with it. Recently I installed a new battery and had the starter rebuilt. After starter install the machine cranks right up and ran good. After running it the other day for 20 min I shut it off and then it wouldn't restart. The machine turned over 1-2 revolutions but sounded like it was lugged down while doing so then the just stop spinning and a strange electrical motor type of noise was coming from the left side of the engine opposite side of the starter. I try to restart it and get nothing at all. A gentleman on a takeuchi forum said he had the same thing happen to his tl240 and it turned out to be a failed injection pump. Can an injection pump failing cause the engine to not be able to turn over. I knew they can cause it not to run but was unaware it could cause it not to even spin the engine. It started raining as soon as it wouldn't start so I haven't had time to mess with it yet. I am sure hoping he is not right about the injection pump. He also said he paid $6200 to have the dealer replace his which also seemed crazy high to me. Are the injection pumps hard to remove on these. I couldn't believe how much of a pain the starter was to replace on this thing. Too much stuff crammed in a little space with crappy access.


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Nov 7, 2020
I wouldn’t even consider considering the injection pump at this phase of the diagnostic process. See if you can turn the engine over by hand first. What’s the engine oil look like?