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Werk-Brau Customer Appreciation Give-Away


Well-Known Member
Mar 20, 2012
Findlay, Ohio
At Werk-Brau we really appreciate our customers and value what they have to say about our rugged attachments. Werk-Brau was established in 1947 in Findlay, Ohio and ever since our attachments have dutifully served countless hard working men and women in the field. As a part of our new upcoming website, we want to feature our satisfied customers and their stories! We would like for YOU to send in your work experience with Werk-Brau and in exchange we will send you a promotional 'field kit' (photo below)!

*Please read!*​

*What We Want: Your name, location, a personal testimony about your Werk-Brau attachment or the Werk-Brau attachments you work with, and then a photo!
*WRITE UP INFO: We would like for your write up to be 3 to 7 sentence review or customer experience using Werk-Brau attachments. The write-up can be longer than 7 sentences, just not shorter than 3 sentences. It would also be great if you could please include how long you have been using Werk-Brau attachments.
*PHOTO INFO: Please include with it a photo of you and the attachment on or off the machine you use. We will feature the story with your photo on our site. Cell phone photos are acceptable so long as they are not blurry or smaller than 600 pixels wide or tall. Please keep all photos rated G, and family friendly in nature.
*POSTING: Please post your story and photo here on the forums. Additionally, if you would prefer you can email the story and photo directly to kporter@werk-brau.com .
*PROMOTION: Everyone who submits will review a promotional ‘personal field kit’ from Werk-Brau that features a water bottle, pen & note pad, mouse pad, and more all packaged in a field ready lunch cooler. Submissions need to meet the above listed standards to receive a kit. Individuals who submit will be contacted privately for their mailing details; please do not post your mailing details publically. We do not have a limit on how many customers we want to hear from. The more people who share the better! Everyone who participates will receive a kit from us! Shipping will take 2-4 weeks.


*Submission of all material grants permission to Werk-Brau Co., Inc. to use the material in promotional material.
*This promotion is for a limited time! Our end date is July 4th, 2012! Please get in your submission ASAP!

•Name: John 'The Builder' Smith
•City and State: Lompoc, California
•How long you have used Werk-Brau attachments: 6 years
•Your experience with Werk-Brau Attachments: Blah blah blah blah your words here....blah blah blah, Werk Brau Marketing is the best.
•Photo Link, or direct image upload. Photos and submissions can also be emailed directly to kporter@werk-brau.com . If you email your photo, please include your personal info so I know who’s photo it is.


Oct 31, 2003
Southwestern PA
Self employed excavator
•Name: John--Digger242j@Heavy Equipment Forums
•Location: Western PA
•How long I've used Werk-Brau attachments: 8 years
•My experience:

Dad had his favorite fishing lure, and Mom had her favorite kid (might've been me), so it should come as no surprise that as an excavator, I have a favorite bucket. It's a WerkBrau 36" cleanup bucket on a mini-excavator. They call it a "new traditional city neighborhood" but what that means to me is that I'm tasked with doing lots of fine grading in very tight quarters. A mini-ex is the only way to go, and that little cleanup bucket helps to make the job so much easier. It first arrived on the job eight years ago, and it outlasted the machine it came with. At trade-in time, when the question came up about which bucket was going to be traded in with the old machine, it was a no-brainer. We kept the WerkBrau bucket!


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    Werk Brau bucket.JPG
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Dec 21, 2008
Knoxville TN
Service Manager
Name: Paul
Location: Knoxville, TN

I don't so much use the attachments personally as I'm a mechanic. However, we have several Werk-Brau buckets on our rental machines, have had no issues with these attachments. Most recent addition, we purchased an Atlas Copco breaker for our Kobelco SK350 and needed an adapter plate to fit the breaker to the machine. Had Werk-Brau fabricate a new adapter plate for us, it fitted with no problems. Plate looks fabricate well, don't expect to have any problems with it operating the breaker.

Kobelco SK350.jpg


Senior Member
Dec 29, 2010
I just had Werk-Brau give me a quote on a quick coupler for my Case CX 130. I haven't decided as of yet to purchase it, pretty pricey. If I used the machine more it would sure be nice to have. Great to know it is made in the USA.