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  1. C

    Anyone looking for CAT sensor assembly sensors? 4 available. Brand new, working. $7000. Moving. No storage room.

    CAT 541-2488 (ST220) DESCRIPTION FOR PART NUMBER 541-2488 Description: Cat sonic position sensors and switches use ultrasonic waves to determine the distance of an object. Attributes: • Sonic position sensor for Asphalt Paver • Housing Material: Aluminum • Connector-Type: 7-pin GT06 • Supply...
  2. F

    CAT 289D Engine Removal Thread

    I wanted to post some videos as I progress through my engine removal and rebuild of a 2016 CAT 289D. I bought this machine used through Ritchie Bros auction for an absolute steal, it was (still is) in pretty rough shape, but is fully functional. I spent a good amount of time reading up on this...
  3. W

    2017 289D 695-3 & speed sensor codes

    Newbie here. Bought a used 289D about a month ago. Did a few hours worth of driveway work and minor stuff and everything worked fine. I ordered a brush cutter the other day and when unloading it, I randomly got the 695-3 along with left and right speed sensors #1 and #2 (all 4). This seem to...
  4. A

    2004 CAT 268B aux hydraulic (thumb wheel) issues

    Hi guys I’m a new owner of an 1000hr cat 268B. It’s an older machine but it runs great. Has XPS aux hydraulics. Here is my issue the secondary hydraulic circuit works fine with the buttons on the right joystick, however the primary (hi flow and standard flow) with the thumb wheel do not...
  5. A

    Vintage CAT key no.5P8500 w/ the C logo

    I'm hoping someone on these forums has 4 of the vintage CAT 5P8500 keys lying around that they would like to sell for a reasonable amount. Its the one's with the C. Pretty sure they were originally put out in the 70's and maybe early 80's too I know my front-end loader had one in the early 90's...
  6. E

    Can data link loss 299d3

    Having some issues with my cat 299d3. Only has 85 hours on it. I don't use it often but the other day I was using it and it all came to a stop. And the can data link loss came on screen no functions worked I shut machine down turned battery connector off for 30 min and back on was fine...
  7. A

    How to Free Spool a CAT Roller ( Caterpillar CB224D ): How to Winch Inoperable Roller onto Trailer?

    Hello community, I just purchased an inoperable roller from an auction. It's an older Cat CB 224 d. Looking for a new challenge, I guess :) I'm anticipating that I'll need to winch the roller only my tilt trailer at the auction side. Is there an easy way to release any brakes and any...
  8. J

    Cat 725 gearbox oil temperature sensor

    So basically I stopped for 30mins, started my Cat, and the gearbox oil temperature started jumping out of nowhere. I think it's the sensor, just I don't know where it's located to change it. If someone would send a manual, it would help out a lot.
  9. M

    What’s the best region to sell heavy equipment in Canada??

    Hey guys, What is the best area/state/region to sell used heavy equipment in Canada? I’m selling a few Caterpillar 336’s which have came back off hire with only a few hundred hours and I wanna be able to get quick sales on each of them because I haven’t got the space to store them, but I also...
  10. A

    CAT 432E, 3rd and 4th gear issues

    Hello everyone, please help me figure out what's wrong with my CAT 432 E backhoe (VIN CAT0432ETBXE01475): The problem is the lack of 2nd and 3rd gears in transmission. 1st and 4th gears work fine. But what's interesting is that every morning when the excavator starts working, for the first 3...
  11. S

    Cat D6C track problems

    Hey guys, I have a Cat D6C 76A that the tracks keep jumping off the lower rollers when going backwards. I tightened the tracks up to see if that was the problem but it was no different. None of the rollers are stuck. Is there something else I should be looking for?
  12. P

    CHALLENGER A/C not cooling

    Hi all, Any air con gurus out there? I have a Cat challenger 875c and have just replaced the compressor drier and TX valve. (Front seal of last compressor failed) after replacing the parts I vacuumed the system down and checked for any leaks. Once I knew the system was tight I put 2.2kg of...
  13. G

    Need Owners and Parts manuals for 2006 CAT D5G LGP

    Hello, I'm just requesting for the owner's and parts manuals for a 2006 CAT D5G LGP. Can I receive any pdfs, free sites or the like? I would rather not pay. Thanks!
  14. H

    Trying to make a good investment

    I have found a morbark blizzard model 12 chipper for a good deal… I’m trying to figure out info about the motor that’s in it. It has a cat 3054 is that a good reliable motor?
  15. S

    IHI 35J buckets

    Hi all, I got an IHI 35J I'd like to get some different buckets and a thumb for. Pin Diam. = 40mm, Pin Centers = ~190mm, Dipper gap = 125mm. It looks like the CAT 303.5 buckets will fit, but wanted to know if I should put some kind of washer/bushing to fill in the dipper gap difference...
  16. FaktorII

    2016 Case excavator cx80c tracking problem

    I’ve got a problem that keeps showing up with my tracks. Machine won’t turn when both sticks engaged. Each side works fine by its self but as soon as I try to turn slow and engage second side tracks just almost stop. If I engage both tracks straight or back all the way it will track forward or...
  17. C

    980K Transmission Cooler Bracket

    Hey Everyone, Has anyone had any experience with 980K transmission cooler bracket bolt failures? My customer has a fleet of 980K’s and I have repeatedly seen this failure. The failure being the bolts for the transmission cooler bracket end up breaking off in the engine block, which then causes...
  18. D

    CAT M316D - rear/back camera not working (blue screen)

    Hello y'all! We recently bought a CAT M316D excavator. There is a problem with the rear camera - it doesn't work. Only a BLUE SCREEN appears on the display. I checked the power supply on the cable end - unfortunately there is no voltage anywhere (neither 24V nor 12V, just 0V). Oddly enough...
  19. F

    Cat and Deere dozer questions

    Looking at adding a dozer to the farm equipment lineup at some point in the future and had some questions regarding the D4-D6 size range of dozers. 1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of having a high track? 2. Does deere still have transmission issues with their dozers? (Have heard a...
  20. F

    Deere vs. Cat 160-200 size excavators

    Hey all! New member to the forum however not new to the forum. Been stalking ya'll for years getting fantastic information that has helped me a lot over the years. So a big thank you to ya'll for that! I am a farmer and have owned a lot of different equipment over the years, and am looking at...