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Cheap Ritchie Brother Skid attachments


Senior Member
Feb 27, 2005
Looking at those pics reminded me of something that may help someone looking for a rock grapple or using a root grapple to handle something other than brush. The rock grapple I got from Quick Attach had the back of the bucket covered in steel. Initially I thought maybe I would lose the ability to separate rock from dirt with that back enclosed. After using it the first time it became evident that 1. It still does a great job separating dirt from rock. 2. If your loading trucks, it keeps all that debris from raining down on the machine when you load. So now when I look at similar grapples, having that back enclosed is a really nice feature. I see the guarded version of the Harleman grapples have that, at least in the center. If you are using it only for brush it probably would not matter, but like everything, sometimes you may find yourself using the bucket outside of its initial purpose.


Well-Known Member
Mar 22, 2010
S.E. New Mexico
I use my Harleman primarily for handling brush, and it is nice to rarely have sticks knocking on the windshield