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I need help! Galion/clark axles


New Member
Mar 10, 2024
New Hartford, Ct
Been lurking around reading. Still having trouble with a few things.

1) I’m trying to identify what these axles came from. I’m thinking they are a 150 galion crane?

2) difference between the galion 20T and 22T planetaries.

3) diagram of the axles, mainly the planetary to trunnion.

4) what was more common, ball and claw or rzeppa axle shafts?

5) I opened up a corner and found the housing of the rzeppa broken and the cage destroyed. I am in search of a replacement and come up with nothing.

6) replacement seals for the knuckle back side to trunnion.

I appreciate any and all help. I’m going to have to know these inside out. I don’t know where else to ask these questions.


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