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mini excavator blade accessories and other attachements


Active Member
Feb 6, 2022

As posted in a separate thread I am buying Deere 60g and I'm looking at different options to make it as versatile as possible since it'll be my only machine on work sites. I'm going to be doing small scale residential land clearing for new constructions. I'll deal with the trees right then and there with a portable sawmill, log splitter and chipper instead of hauling it off.

I will be welding a hitch receiver to the blade on the mini to tow my commercial chipper, splitter and sawmill trailers. I've seen a few vids on youtube of people doing that successfully. I'll also look into getting a Blade Buddy or homemade equivalent.
Are there any other accessories that you think of that might be interesting to have?

I'm still looking at different option for stump removal... probably just dig em out and dig a big hole for them or haul them off to get started. I like the idea of stumpex/dipperfox types.. this way I have a level ground to work on and leave the hauling job to the building contractor with larger excavators...anyhoo.. rambling away lol

Any input and suggestions welcomed!