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Parts for Older Stanley MB250 and 350 breakers


Well-Known Member
Mar 5, 2011
Avoca, Iowa
I have a MB250 that is leaking between the top and main body. I took it to my Case dealer to see if it would take a charge, and it wouldn't. They said the urethane top hat is no longer available and suggested I look at a newer hammer. I found an MB05 in my price range. I called Stanley to check on an adapter to fit my Case CX50b and while we were talking explained the problem with my MB250. The tech from Stanley said I should call Construction Tool Parts, in Portland, as they produce the seals and parts for the older breakers. I have the top hat, o-ring, and charge tool coming in a week or so. Stanley is going to get back to me on bushings and pins so I can use my MB05 as well.

Construction Tool Parts 800-500-5221