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Recruiting Drilling Supervisor / EA Drilling / Ethiopia

EA Drilling

New Member
Sep 7, 2013
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
EA Drilling is a start-up drilling company looking to work in the water well drilling sector in Ethiopia. We currently have a detailed business plan finalised and are in the process of securing investment for the import of 3 drilling rigs for operation across Ethiopia. We are looking for an experienced drilling supervisor to come on board, either on a salary basis (negotiable) or as a partner, to lead our operations in the field here in Ethiopia.

We are a relatively young and enthusiastic team, and whilst we preferably require someone with 15+ years’ experience leading operations on rotary and DTH drilling rigs, we would be prepared to consider applicants with less experience who can evidence their skills, are enthusiastic about the project and prepared to work hard.

Interested persons should forward a CV and cover letter to alex.murray@eadrilling.com.

A little about Ethiopia:
Reported potable water supply coverage varies dependent on the source, the Government of Ethiopia (GoE) asserts that 68.5% of the population currently has access to safe drinking water, whereas NGOs and international governmental organisations such as WaterAid and USAID report approximately 42%. This correlates to between 27 and 50 million people across the country without access to clean drinking water. As part of the GoE’s recent growth and transformation plan, they aim to increase country-wide coverage of potable water to cover 98.5% of the population by 2015, a target they are not on course to meet.

Geographically and Economically Ethiopia is incredibly varied, the capital city of Addis Ababa is situated at 2,300m above sea level with a warm, dry climate throughout 9-10 months of the year. The city has all the amenities you could ask for including countless international restaurants, bars and a number of adequate supermarkets. Outside the capital you have regions varying from sub-tropical climates to mountain ranges (the highest peak is some 4,600masl) to arid desert – the Danakil depression is some 150m below sea level and is, on average, the hottest place on the planet. The country has a lot to offer, both culturally and geographically, and is set to be a ‘middle income’ economy within the next 20 years.