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Searching machinery trader tips ??


Senior Member
Aug 2, 2009
I spend a LOT of time on MT and the way I search is always by sorting by price ascending and in the U.S. only, the problem I have with it is For example say I am looking for a bigger hoe and don't really care if its a 320,322,325,330 B or C or L or whatever or even a cat, Deere, komatsu etc.

I will,

Sort by price ascending, and US only, out a max price of $100k and start looking, also ill just look in states surrounding my area well what irritates me is that I have to click and click and re click for every machine I want to look for, and then I have to skim through 500 friggin "Featured Listing" Units that are normally way over priced anyways.

MT has always been easier to search compared to a lot of the other ones if you know exactly what machine you want, but if you don't its a pain in the butt.

I HATE the featured listings ! Most of the time I will just scroll right down to the general listings and not even look at them but when you are searching a common machine and have 20pages who in the hell knows where FL stops and GL starts.

I also created a user acct in hopes that it would allow me to save search settings but it doesn't work that way I guess.


1, Does anyone else agree with me about the featured listing ?

2, is there a app or program that will save search settings ?



Senior Member
Feb 2, 2009
Powerjoke, my feelings exactly, I've never figured a way around it either, sure hope someone is a whole lot smarter than me to tell me how to do it though, would sure save a lot of wasted time and suffering from clicker anger or saying the heck with it completely.


Senior Member
Jan 1, 2009
Dealers pay extra for top billing, it's the way it is. The only thing I don't like about the featured listings is you get all of them twice.

I'm sure everybody has their own system but this is how I approach it:
I usually select the type from the home page, for me it's almost always "Dumpers"
Pick a brand, or "Show All"
Click the "Change your search" button.
Put in price limit if any, I usually select "USA" and then you can select which states you want.
Limit to ads added within so many days if you want.
I use the default sort order.
Hit "Search"
At this point you can put in a zip code if you want to show closest first.
If you want to sort by price, click where it says "PRICE(US$)" if it's sorted the wrong direction, just click it again.
Notice that all the featured listings are always on top, and if you scroll on through you will eventually come to the heading that says "General listings" I grant you this is a pain if you are working with more than two or three pages of listings.

Now the good news: All your search settings are included in the web address at the top of your page. You can save a search as a favorite, or if you're using Internet Explorer for your web browser, right click on the web page and click "Create Shortcut" to put an icon on your desktop. Be sure to rename each one as they may overwrite each other as you add more.

You can also just copy and paste each URL from the address line to a file, like a word file, and add a text description for each one. With WORD they come up as clickable links, but you can even use notepad if you want and then just copy and paste the links into your browser.

Hope that helps,


New Member
Jul 11, 2014
Greenville, SC
We are working on providing an answer to this question. I know it was asked a while ago, but we are an unbiased search tool and have data from MT as well as other major market places. Saves a ton of time searching with our application, I don't want to sell on here, since I'm mostly here to learn, but came across this question and figured I'd let ya know there is an answer to saving time, and actually getting more data back. Search filters based upon a lot of things, and we save your search history. Just a few features we found out users like yourself would want. Let me know how I can help.