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Skid steer wood chipper

John Griffin

Senior Member
Apr 8, 2018
Huntsville, AL
Hey John, I live in the Birmingham metro.

We are not in the tree business except for clearing and grubbing that's part of our site jobs.

What I am interested is more "hobby" or personal use. Wife and I own a 2 AC lot we plan on eventually building on and it's fairly wooded. A skid steer chipper would allow me to take our retired T250 to the lot and selectively clear under brush on my own time. Not really wanting another engine to take care of hence the attachment approach.

In that case, renting a decent chipper probably makes the most sense. Real chippers will eat and dispose of good sized brush at a rate that will make you shake your head at stuff like skid steer chippers. Dedicated chippers pretty much all have an autofeed system that slightly reverses the feed wheels when the engine drops below a certain rpm. Once it recovers, it continues to feed.

I get it that at some point the equipment owns you.