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Versalift tel-29 bucket leveling


New Member
Mar 12, 2024
Clinton Missouri
I'm working on the versalift tel-29 boom and got everything to work except the level trim ....it won't do anything it has power to the whole system ...is there something I'm supposed to know about this unit ...like a pressure switch? Or actuator? It says self leveling but the option to use manual controls is not working...help please


Senior Member
Feb 19, 2015
How old is this boom? Does it self level as the boom goes up now? If not check your hose plumbing. If it does then go to wiring. Are there switches in the boom operated by levers or are the switches out there where you actually put your hand on them to operate ? Will it work from the boom base but not the bucket controls? Those wires can break due to old age and the boom being extended and retracted a million times. Check to see if there's power to the self level solenoid when you hit the switch. If it has the little plunger at each end push manually and see if the bucket levels that way. If it does the start looking for broke wires or a bad switch. The chance of two bad coils is slim. You may have enough slack in the harness to borrow wires in the boom up/down or whatever's next to it over to the self level solenoid and hit the borrowed function from the bucket and see if it works then. You can take the hoses and move them to a different solenoid and try it that way too. It just takes time. A wiring schematic would be helpful too. Let us know.