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Wanting a laser:


Senior Member
Feb 27, 2010
Farmington IL
FAA Radar Engineer, (Retired)
This thread is a couple of years old now, so you probably figured it out already. sorry for being late in the game but this one looks like it could be mounted to just about any machine.

Without working lights it would be of limited usage. Wonder if the Captain could be repaired? No corrosion so that is a positive start?

Looks promising I may add.

Drag racer

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Jul 23, 2022
I'm a Ford and Topcon and Spectra Guy.:p

The Topcon RLH-5B laser is hard to beat for the price. Carry one with me for the odd occasion I need one.

We have 2 of the RLH-5A's in the field which has a slope match which is worthless IMO for what we do. Built many projects with these lasers.

Also have a Spectra GL622 which is a dual slope laser. It's substantially more expensive than a RLH-5 but it has dual slope capability and we run our Cat box blade attachment with it.

Now our pipe laser is a Topcon TP-L4 so that rounds out the mix. Both brands are good for what you want to do however on the truck front I'd never buy a GM product.:D
Sorry I accidentally hit the like button I'm not stupid