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aerial lift

  1. B

    1981 JLG 40g

    I am currently having a issue where when I press on the pedal in the basket the lift will raise up or go down with out touching the joystick, obviously very scary if you were to be up high. After trying a bunch of different tests I just decide to disconnect the power from that joystick for now...
  2. D

    Telsta A-28 lift truck identification

    Hello all. I recently bought a Telsta A-28 lift/bucket truck that needs work. I'm trying to gather info and I think I've found most of what I need. I've found inspection tags identifying it as an A-28, but can't find the original metal tag. My question: Are there features or specs that would...
  3. K

    Genie 125

    Looking for some help with a Genie 125 boom I’m working on. Getting fault code LSB8SA (50degree angle limit switch) the boom will not extend past 75 feet no matter what angle it’s on. I know it’s not an issue with axle extend because the boom goes up fine, just won’t extend fully. Tried...
  4. StartUp

    JLG boom moves itself

    JLG boom ( 2012 600AJ) moves itself: operator in the basket, engine on, pedal on, drive joystick pushed towards the operator - boom starts moving ok, operator released joystick - boom moves opposite direction ( boom moves itself without operator touching the joystick). Any ideas? Video Link...