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New Member
Jun 8, 2020
Ontario, Canada
Looking for some help with a Genie 125 boom I’m working on. Getting fault code LSB8SA (50degree angle limit switch) the boom will not extend past 75 feet no matter what angle it’s on. I know it’s not an issue with axle extend because the boom goes up fine, just won’t extend fully. Tried replacing multiple switches(including the LSB8 switch and checked continuity on the switches, all seem good and in working order.

I know it’s not hydraulic because I’m not getting any pulse on the lines going to the extend cylinder so there is no signal going to the function manifold. I’ve tried clearing the fault code but the problem persists. This is a newer model so it has the TCON LCD, not sure if it’s a harness issue or an issue with the board/ecm possibly?? Any way to bypass that switch (6 wires so I’m not sure if I can jump it, if so which wires do I jump?) or any suggestions at all would be great at this point, trying to avoid having a 3rd party assess/repair ($$$)