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genie boom

  1. C

    splitting a genie boom

    hey everyone running into some issues and wanted to quiz the collective. have a couple genie 34/22 booms at work that need to split and replace the main rotate bearing assembly (excessive play) tentative plan is to unbolt, jack up the house and support it with steel saw horses (2x2 square tube...
  2. L

    Slack in turntable rotation gear Genie Z45/22

    Hi everyone. I'm looking to buy a 1997 Genie Z45/22 lift. Everything seems to be okay for the age of the lift, but it has a lot of slack in the rotation gear (worm gear system). I've tried to study the service manual to see if there is any way to adjust the tolerance in the worm gear system, but...
  3. J

    Genie S-60 Boom Drives slow and sometimes not at all.

    I have a 1995 Genie S-60 Boom, serial number 785. Took a chance and bought it for $1000. I got it to run, boom functions work from the ground and basket. When I attempt to drive it, it starts to move then seems to "Jump out" of it's hydraulic circuit for lack of better words. There's a change...
  4. A

    Genie Z-45/25J Electrical Problem

    This Genie is having a problem where if you leave it turned on for an extended amount of time (30 minutes or so) it’ll turn off when you press the operate pedal, then if you turn it on, it’ll quickly turn off again until you wait 5 minutes and remove and insert a yellow fuse. any ideas on what...
  5. B

    Genie TZ34/20 Motor Controller

    I have a Genie TZ34/20 that is having an issue with the motor controller. I got a new one in the mail and installed it. It ran for about 20 seconds then it stopped and hasn't worked since. I'm at a dead end on this. Hopefully someone here can help.
  6. K

    Genie 125

    Looking for some help with a Genie 125 boom I’m working on. Getting fault code LSB8SA (50degree angle limit switch) the boom will not extend past 75 feet no matter what angle it’s on. I know it’s not an issue with axle extend because the boom goes up fine, just won’t extend fully. Tried...
  7. M

    Genie Z45 drive inoperable

    Good day all! Newbie to the forum I’ve got a Genie z45/25 S/N z452506-28022. This this is making me pull my hair out a bit. All functions work but drive won’t work, I’ve calibrated joystick, also tried another joystick and still no luck. I’ve noticed some corrosion on the pins at the ALC500...