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  1. J

    Genie Z60 Travel Issue

    I have a 2000 Genie z60/24 dual fuel which will driving fine Except it does not seem to have any drive torque to climb up the ramps of my tag trailer, The original horsepower board voltages remain around 12 vts (2 and 10) and was not able to adjust voltage per manual. Purchased a new upgraded...
  2. E

    Ford LRG 425 ECU Solutions for JLG and Genie Boom lifts

    We have solutions for the old Ford Package Engine ECU's. See our new video and get a look at some of the services we can provide to keep equipment where it belongs - out working!
  3. P

    1996 Genie Z-30N won’t engage drive or reverse unless you bump the steering button

    As stated above, drive or reverse won’t engage unless you hit the steering button first. Previous owner said he replaced the joystick but the problem persisted. It’s been like this since he bought it he said. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
  4. D

    Genie S-60 Drive/Steer Joystick issues

    I own and service my own 2006 S60 Genie Perkins powered Lift SN:6006-13542 which is suddenly generating error codes 51-17 for Drive stick and 61-17 for Steer stick. As a result, my Steer/Drive joystick is now INOP. I have the appropriate service manual and schematics. I am well versed in...
  5. D

    Genie Z34/22N Lacking Drive Power When Elevated

    Hey, I have an older Genie Z34/22N. The drive function works fine when it is in the stowed position, but when the mast is raised, it lacks drive power quite seriously. 1) The motor will run for a couple of seconds, then turn off...at least I can't hear it 2) The unit will drive but really slow...
  6. 1

    Genie Lift GS 2646 AV Low Voltage Error

    Hello, I'm having an issue with a Genie Lift GS 2646 AV I'm getting a "LO" Voltage error on the joystick screen, Replaced batteries and am getting 24V across all 4, fully charged Connected laptop to the GCON with SMART LINK Getting Errors: C052: Tilt sensor not detected C021: PCON not...
  7. T

    GENIE Z60/34 2011 - slow drive problem

    Hi! I have problem with Genie Z60/34, SN: Z6011-10469. When it's elevated it drive in high speed (really fast) like in stowed position. I have checked slow/high speed valve (near to engine) - there is no power on it in any boom position (stowed or elevated) - I have read in another thread -...
  8. M

    Genie Lift z60/34 Slow Platform Controls

    I have a z60/34, from the ground controls all is normal and 'rapid', from the platform all controls are very slow. Where should I start looking. I'm thinking some safety, or wiring issue. Thanks Matt
  9. B

    Genie s65 inop up,down,extend and retract

    I have a 2006 genie S65 man lift with a deutz engine. s6006-13895. The unit will not operate up down extend and retract. I checked all the wiring everything is getting power. to confirm that the power is working I took the wires from the solenoids and put them on the jib coils. the jib responded...
  10. M

    GS 2668 RT - lifts very slow

    Hi everyone. I couldn't seem to find a thread specifically for scissor lifts. Hopefully it is ok here. I have a 1999 GS 2668 RT scissor lift. I bought from another construction company in town when they upgraded. It has a new motor and new hydraulic pump. Everything works great, starts and runs...
  11. Makers Acres

    Genie GTH-5519 Fire!

    Hey all, I just wanted to share a crazy project I took on. I bought a 2016 Genie GTH-5519 that had an engine fire. I really wish I had an idea what could have started it, so I could prevent something like this from happening in the future, but I guess it will just be a mystery. The unit...
  12. T

    Genie 45/22 dual fuel won't start.

    Okay, this is my first post here. I have a Genie 45/22. I think it was built in 1999? I have had it for around 10 years and use it for work around our property pruning trees etc. It has never really run well but up until now it was mostly usable. Over the years I have managed to correct...
  13. H

    Genie S-85 won't rotate

    I have a 2003 Genie S-85 boom lift. Serial # S8003-3563 I have owned it for about 10 yrs with minimal problems. Over time the basket rotate only works when it wants to and the jib the same thing. Then I started to have problems rotating the turn table with boom extended. Some times it will move...
  14. A

    genie z45/25 no pressure on the function manifold Please Help

    Good evening I have a 2003 Z45/25 21517 and I get no pressure on function block Only have 3200 on 1st side and steer is able to move at second port 0 pressure I know I'm loosing pressure somewhere.... bought machine used and I'm doing a full check up so I can put to good use. I have 3 adjust...
  15. W

    Genie Z60/34 Center Swivel Rotary Hydraulic Manifold Removal

    Has anybody rebuilt a boom lift center swivel? I'm wondering if it can be dropped through the bottom of the machine or if it needs to come out the top. I've hunted around to try to find a swivel rebuild manual but there isn't much out there, of course they had a variety of suppliers so...
  16. E

    Genie Controls Issue Puzzling

    Having a puzzling issue with a Genie 2632 electric scissor lift with Genie's Smart Link diagnostics box For some reason, Ground controls (GCON) works when key is turned to the right But when key is turned to the left for PCON nothing happens, no LCD, nothing. So we can have the lift go up and...
  17. K

    Genie 125

    Looking for some help with a Genie 125 boom I’m working on. Getting fault code LSB8SA (50degree angle limit switch) the boom will not extend past 75 feet no matter what angle it’s on. I know it’s not an issue with axle extend because the boom goes up fine, just won’t extend fully. Tried...
  18. ScottP

    S45 wont steer

    hello friends got an issue with a S45 that has me stumped at the moment. it wont steer left or right unless i'm moving forward or reverse ,either way doesn't matter, and booming down all at the same time. that is the only way it will steer or that the way i got it loaded at job site to bring it...
  19. Nate B

    Genie S-85 no 4X4

    I purchased a Genie S-85 4x4 from a Forklift outfit and it has worked awesome. It is a 2001 SN S80-2789. I use it in KS around my farm on flat ground and hadn't noticed the 4x4 working or not. We needed it on a different site and went to load it on a trailer. As I got up the ramps and the...
  20. N

    Genie GS-1930

    first it beeps and won’t drive but if you raise up it will drive and stop beeping but when you come down it beeps and won’t work, now it will only raise up some times and keeps beeping and when it goes up it drops itself back down