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  1. Goodwin93

    Genie 1930 lifting issue

    I have a gs1930 at work that’s giving us some trouble. It will not lift more than 2 or 3 feet with weight on platform while using the platform controls. It will lift from ground controls. I’ve already swapped control boxes, no luck. Pressure tested the system and got about 3200psi at the lift...
  2. G

    Genie boom lift owners - help, need wiring picture

    I have a Genie Z45 boom lift that someone tried to hotwire/steal. now the control panel wiring is messed up. I've tried using my service manual, but the schematic is very difficult to match to the wiring. If any one has one, could you open the control panel and snap a few pictures of the wiring...
  3. J

    Genie S-105 Speed Calibration

    I have got a Genie S-105 lift, I am experiencing Boom Speed Calibration errors. Error text are as follows: 1. Primary Boom UP/DN Speed not Calibrated. 2. Primary Boom EXT/RET Speed not Calibrated. 3. TT Rotation Speed not Calibrated. Manual says that automatic speed calibration is required so...
  4. R

    2004 Genie Z45-25 man lift stalls out after start

    Looking for some assistance in diagnosing this issue. I'll be honest, not too sure where to start, but here's some background info. Has the ford LRG 425. It's EFI. Serial number z452504-23852 Problem: Starts up and runs ok first thing in AM for about a half hour. Once the engine starts warming...
  5. B

    Genie Z30/20N wont drive

    I have a genie z30/20n electric serial #1112. Like the title says it wont drive, all other functions operate as they should. When you are in the platform with the foot pedal pressed, hold the joystick either forward or reverse it acts like it wants to move. Now the weird thing is if you operate...
  6. D

    Genie S85

    I have a 2000 Genie S-85 dual fuel gas/propane 4x4. It got loaded on a lowboy and brought to a job and unloaded. The next day my guys went to start and when trying to start it would try but just wouldn't fire. When it would try fire the machine would start moving forward. once we took the...
  7. A

    Geni e Z45/25J Driving fast foreward just slows down

    Hi. I have a Genie Z45/25J with a Perkins motor, sn# Z452514A-50998. While driving forward in fast mode for a couple of yards, it just slows down to turtle speed. There is no error message except the regeneration active indication. Any help will be appreciated.
  8. J

    genie tmz50/30 fault code 0010

    i am having some trouble with my tmz50/30. i was getting fault code 0015 for a faulty control pad on the lower controls. i put a new control pad on it. the 0015 code went away and now i am getting fault code 0010. what are some common problems associated with that code? Also, could i have done...