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  1. A

    FIAT-ALLIS FD5 1983(ish) Side Tilt Ram Assembly

    Greetings all, My father and I are trying to locate some parts for a 1983(ish) Fiat-Allis FD5. I'll include some pictures so you can see the current state of things, along with the badly worn side tilt assembly, and Dozer Serial Number Plate. From what I understand, the Side Tilt Ram Assembly...
  2. P

    Hyundai Robex 450LC-7A Excavator warning lights

    My Hyundai excavator has a check engine light and another warning light on the console that I can’t figure out. I don’t have an owners manual and can’t find anywhere online that tells me what this symbol means. Has anyone run into this service light before?
  3. M

    WA250PZ-6 Won’t go into first

    I have a WA250PZ that currently won’t go into first. 2,3 and 4 are all working fine. When I put the variable control into 1st it’ll show first in the dash but still only operate as low as 2nd. New to diagnosing these issues and would love some help or guidance. I was maybe thinking a bad...
  4. R

    Diagnostics computer and programs recommendations?

    Just went solo in my own service truck and need to know any recommendations for comm adaptors and programs to use on a laptop to connect with different machines/ trucks ranging from cat to cummins to john deere, etc. Any affordable recommendations?
  5. F

    Hitachi Ex350H-5 getting coolant in oil

    Hi everyone, this is my first time posting. I'm a young farmer up in northern Alberta. I am not the most mechanically minded person but I try to do any mechanicing I can before hiring someone. This excavator was my first heavy equipment purchase. I bought it last year and I plan on using it to...
  6. I

    Cat 955K service questions

    I bought a Cat 955K S/N 85J3811 last year, also have PDF service manual. My questions: 1. there is an electrical problem and 2 people are needed to start the machine - 1 to adjust the throttle, and 1 to jump the starter solenoid to the battery cable terminal with a screwdriver. start switch...
  7. I<3_CE_Equipment

    Excavator Dashboard and Cab Monitor Questions >> Pre-Operative Check

    Hi! I am an engineering student who is super passionate about heavy equipment machinery and I was hoping to maybe get some of my questions answered here as I have no expertise in operating heavy equipment. 1> Is there a standard pre-operative check that mechanics and operators do regardless of...
  8. H

    Bobcat 331 won't boom up or down

    Gentlemen good evening! Long time lurker needs some help. My issue; I just picked up a Bobcat 331, s/n 234314211, with just shy of 1900 hours on it. I've had an intermittent issue where the boom cylinder refuses to move. Today it was very stubborn, and after a few starts and some...
  9. ToxicTrav117

    1996 Cat 315L throttle dial not working

    The machine runs well on the backup throttle system, the only problem is the dial doesn't work and it's annoying flicking the backup switches. Does anyone have any ideas what could be wrong with it? When I turn the dial, the speed number on the display works but it doesn't do anything throttle...
  10. K

    Genie 125

    Looking for some help with a Genie 125 boom I’m working on. Getting fault code LSB8SA (50degree angle limit switch) the boom will not extend past 75 feet no matter what angle it’s on. I know it’s not an issue with axle extend because the boom goes up fine, just won’t extend fully. Tried...
  11. Mike Scirocco

    JLG Scissors lift works but won't go down

    Our lift won't go down unless you use the manual control, so it takes 2 people to operate it. Is there a common problem to look for? I've got a schematic but never worked on one of these before. https://www.skytrak.com/Content/files/JLGManuals/Parts-3121247-02-01-18-Gl.pdf
  12. Fat Dan

    Strategies on troubleshooting the 955E D315

    OK I got the skinny on the 1960, 955E 12A08263 (8263) Traxcavator of how it died. If it were a gas engine I'd be all over it and I can turn wrenches wit the best of them. Though I have been around diesel equipment and drove diesel trucks all my life dose not make one a diesel mechanic - just...
  13. J

    Clark Electric: Where is this voltage coming from?

    We have a Clark electric forklift which has blown two fuses. The battery has been removed from the frame to diagnose where the short is but I am getting an unexpected voltage reading of 0.6 to 0.4v between the frame and the ground. It makes resistance testing described in the maintenance/repair...