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  1. M

    Bobcat 341D

    Hello all, I have a Bobcat 341d Excavator in decent shape. I am having problems with the tracks turning left or right. The machine drives forward and reverse using both controls. If I only use one control at a time, it tries to turn briefly then stops. If I try to turn while I am going forward...
  2. J

    bobcat t740 hydraulic oil

    I did a bit of searching online to see people's opinions on alternative hydraulic oils for bobcat skid steers. Not too many of the conversations comment on recent machines. Curious if anyone has experience using aw46 hydraulic oil in a more modern model like my t740. I put Mag1 aw46 in my new...
  3. T

    S330 Fluid Leak

    I have an older S330. About 400 hours. It’s started slowly dripping fluid from the 3 bolts in a row on the underbelly approximately centered between the rear wheels. Any ideas what it might be and what it’ll take to fix it? Thank you.
  4. C

    Bobcat 435 bogs under load after a while

    Hi all- I have a 2006 Bobcat 435, S/N 563212092 and am seeing some issues with it bogging down after use (10 minutes to an hour, variable). Prior to this it will start and run normally. Once it bogs, if I back off usually it stays running as long as I’m quick enough, otherwise it stalls. After...
  5. A

    T250- Lift arms slowly drift up when in float mode

    I replaced leaking spools (lift and tilt) on my manual Bobcat T250. The new seals cured the valve body leaks, but when I kick the pedal into float mode , the detent locks in fine, but I noticed the lift arms slowly drift up a few seconds later. If I press the pedal slightly more forward and...
  6. J

    2021 bobcat E-35 auto idle does not work

    My buddy has a fresh out of warranty E-35 and the auto idle won't work at all, it idles down occasionally when you lift the left joystick to get out but other than that it doesn't work. Anyone else had this problem?
  7. T

    Bobcat S70 seat bar sensor

    Is there any way to bypass the seat bar sensor? I have replaced it with a new one but still having issues with it. Light will not go out. I have 8 volts on the supply wire to sensor and, 5 volts on the signal wire to sensor.
  8. C

    Bobcat Skidsteer 553 Interlock issue, voltage

    My Bobcat 553 interlock just started acting up a couple of days ago. I noticed that it would only "lock up" when it wasn't at idle. Today I was watching the voltage meter on the panel and saw the voltage creeping up from ~14V to eventually maxed out ~18V. When the voltmeter creeps into the...
  9. T

    T250 Steering sticks stiff/pushing back

    Hello, I recently had both drive motors rebuilt, replaced the gear pump, and had tandem pump gone through and one rotating group/plate replaced on my T250. All that along with multiple system flushes, filter changes, valve cleaning, two new tracks, and a new drive sprocket. It's running pretty...
  10. A

    What would cause 753 tilt valve bonnet to fail?

    I have a Bobcat 753 at just over 1000 hours that has a tilt valve bonnet (part #7101345) that has failed, breaking into three pieces. Everything under the cap is tight. What might cause this to fail? I don’t want to replace it if the new one will fail.
  11. E


    I have a bobcat t550 that isn't starting... we changed the injectors, fuel filter, & put a brand new 1000cca battery in it but no luck.. it starts and runs fine with a small spray of starting fluid, but after I shut it off and try again it won't start. I get a m2303 code (starter relay) but I'm...
  12. G

    bobcat t770 turbo

    Hello I have a 2012 bobcat t770 skid steer the serial number is A3P812359. It has a bad turbo on it i cant seem to find a part number off the turbo. ive contacted the dealer and they are useless. can anyone help me source an aftermarket turbo or the part number for the turbo.
  13. S

    Bobcat 753 g 2003 error 32-39

    Hi, Have loost against this machine Checked the wires between acuators and ACS controller and they look like new. Also Checked with Ohm meter. Installed two new actuators and a new ACS controller. Got the lift and tilt to work three times. New error code 32-39 Tilt actuator not in neutral...
  14. D

    How long to clear 5 acres?

    I have 5 acres that is wooded and is mostly 3-8inch trees with some decent size trees in the mix. I'm renting an E50 11,000lb excavator with a hydraulic thumb for 7 days here in a couple weeks & I'm wondering if this will be enough time to clear it? I'm just putting them in a pile and going to...
  15. B

    Bobcat 843 Removal of Lift Control Crossover Bar Help

    Hello all, I am wanting a head nod that I am moving in the right direction here… I need to replace the “bearing” that is in the center of the crossover bar for the foot lift control in my 843 Bobcat. It appears to me I’m going to need to pull the front hydrostatic pump off to be able to get...
  16. G

    Bobcat grader BLR2 receivers

    Does anyone know where you can get the bobcat BLR2 grader blade receivers right now? I am in need of two of them. Would be interested in even renting them if possible.
  17. J

    Bobcat Excavators for Sale Central Texas

    Hey guys, We have two excavators we are selling to below you will find them listed: 2014 E50 1300 Hours Hydraulic Exchange, Enclosed Cab, AC, Delux Control Panel, just serviced. Great machine. 2021 E35 200 Hours pin exchange, enclosed cab, good AC, Delux control panel, Long Arm, great machines.
  18. Alex P

    10Ft trailer for bobcat e20 ?

    So I'm looking at buying a dump trailer and I wanna know if anyone on here knows whether a e20 bobcat can fit on a 10' long trailer either 6' or 7' wide(haven't bought the e20 yet so need a trailer to tow it) 7k axels. Anyone Experienced setting one up like this.
  19. Sharkproof

    Case 1845c Skid Steer Ripoff?

    I recently bought an 1845c at auction based on video, pictures and it's reputation as being "bulletproof". The seller disclosed a hydraulic leak, but claimed unit was operating properly. (I did notice after the fact, that in the video demo the driver only made left turns). Well it turns out...
  20. CraZy CorY

    Rubber Tracks for T595

    I have a Bobcat T595 that needs new tracks and Bobcat dealer wants near 2k each, now in 2022. So I've been looking for a cheaper but wear resistance equal to Bridgestones that come on the Bobcat T595. I found some by United Skid Tracks and was wondering if anyone has tried their C-Lug or Block...