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650G steering issue

Jakes dozer

Active Member
Sep 17, 2020
recently replaced the steering clutch band on the right side of my dozer. It would lock the track up when we changed it now it is as if there’s nothing there. The left side is out of adjustment and needs to be replaced now. I’ll be back inside it soon but was wondering if anyone may have a clue as to what would cause that. All the cutches in the drum looked great when we checked them out. The old band had broke in half was the cause of the band change, not wear. I have also noticed that when I engage my clutch the transmission pressure drops from 250 to about 100 for a just a second. Could the bypass be weak and be the root cause of my issues? I’d rather not pull the right hand drum back out if it’s not necessary. It is a lever steer machine.


Well-Known Member
Oct 19, 2010
The brake band adjustment is separate from the clutch adjustment. It sounds like you are not fully declutching before braking. If memory is correct you will pull the brake lever aboout 2-3 inches and the clutch pressure will drop to 0 psi. Then 1-2 more inches and then you should have brake engagement. There is an adjustment procedure in the Deere 650G opera &test manual