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  1. P

    Stray JD 650G transmission pin

    New to dozers and the forum ☺️ I got a JD 650G. I drove it up the mountain 2 miles and started fluid changes. It seems to run and move fine. BUT, I found this on the transmission drain plug magnet. It looks like a pin from a needle bearing. Do you think I should pull the transmission and...
  2. B

    JD 444D Transmission Question

    Hey guys, I'm a newbie here needing some help. John Deere 444D Serial DW444DB509098 Loader will not go into gear. Transmission pressure gauge won't register, doesn't budge on startup. I can shift loader into R-N-L, I feel the detents on the shifter, yet no engagement/drive. Trans Oil is...
  3. L

    1978 international TD7E -- Hydraulic Oil Leak HELP

    Hi there, new to the forum. :) I have a 1978 International TD7E series and it's leaking hydraulic oil between the engine and transmission below the transmission. Does anyone know if it needs a seal between the transmission pump and the torque converter, and does it need a bearing on the pump...
  4. S

    Dresser 520C Trans Needed!

    Hello all, I am purchasing a 1994 Dresser 520C I want to pick up a transmission for it. I have attached a photo of the information on the front of the trans. Any help on locating one would be appreciated. Thanks all, MJ
  5. D

    Best automatic transmission for 8.3 Cummins

    I am building a truck to haul a 20,000lb load on a 10,000lb trailer. Tellehandelers small dozers and ect. Can anyone recommend a heavy duty automatic transmission that would be able to handle this? ……. and be reliable. I already have a ram 5500 that supposedly has a 34,000 pound towing...
  6. Jake Erickson

    821 Case Payloader transmission

    I’ve got an 821 (plain) loader. Had 1st gear solenoid go out twice on it in the past. Today while working 1,2,3 gears quit working. Drove it to the shop and when I got there they all worked again. It was intermittent so I parked it, I’m almost certain it’s electrical causing the solenoids to...
  7. E

    D6T lurches to a stop when coasting in neutral

    Good afternoon, we have a 2012 d6t that has started to act up. The guys will switch into neutral while backing up, then when it coasts to a stop (similar to how you would check track tightness) then shift to forward when it's basically stopped. The dozer beats them to it by slamming to a stop...
  8. P

    D6H transmission overheating

    Hi all, Trying to sort out an overheating transmission on a D6H Serial No. *2KD00564* for a buddy. The history of the machine as I’m aware of it is as follows: He bought the machine, put it on his lowbed, and when they tried to offload it, catastrophic clutch failure in the transmission...
  9. M

    WA250PZ-6 Won’t go into first

    I have a WA250PZ that currently won’t go into first. 2,3 and 4 are all working fine. When I put the variable control into 1st it’ll show first in the dash but still only operate as low as 2nd. New to diagnosing these issues and would love some help or guidance. I was maybe thinking a bad...
  10. A

    D6R Driveshaft yoke removal

    Hello need some help with regard to procedure to remove transmission yoke for driveshaft. Yoke moves a little but would not slide fully out.
  11. J

    650G steering issue

    recently replaced the steering clutch band on the right side of my dozer. It would lock the track up when we changed it now it is as if there’s nothing there. The left side is out of adjustment and needs to be replaced now. I’ll be back inside it soon but was wondering if anyone may have a clue...
  12. N

    D8l dozer shifting problem

    Hi guys, I have just started restoring a D8l 53y1980. I hope to put her to work land clearing. Biggest problem today is the tractor will shift all forward gears no problem and will shift all reverse gears when cold ( about 10 mins) after this, trans will shift into reverse only when shifting to...
  13. N

    D8l reverse shift problems

    Hi guys, I have just started restoring a D8l 53y1980. I hope to put her to work land clearing. Biggest problem today is the tractor will shift all forward gears no problem and will shift all reverse gears when cold ( about 10 mins) after this, trans will shift into reverse only when shifting to...
  14. K

    2004 JCB 214 Backhoe Transmission issues

    Hi - I’m stumped. I have a 2004 JCB 214 backhoe with a shuttle shift. The backhoe runs great however after 10 minutes, the shuttle stops working and I lose forward and reverse. If I let it sit for a while it then works fine again. I know these units have solenoids for forward and reverse but...
  15. G

    Case 521D randomly shifting transmission

    We have a Case 521D (S/N JEE0133064) Wheel Loader. We keep it in 2nd gear on the yard and use the downshift button on the joystick when going into piles. Recently it began randomly shifting gears (1-4 all gears) with no rhyme or reason, even upshifting when under a load. The automatic switch is...
  16. S

    Volvo L150E transmission trouble

    Good day, I have an L150E wheel loader with transmission issues. It started when I one day I drove it across the yard and went to move a bucket load of snow. Everything was normal until I went to back up and it wouldn’t move. When you shift into any gear, you can hear the transmission sound like...
  17. P

    A25c no gear select

    Hi all, Have a volvo A25C. Truck will not select any gears forward or reverse, and the alarm buzzer sounds when you try and select a gear. Contronic display unit also not working so am unable to retrieve a code Cheers
  18. I

    CAT 988B works but won't move

    Hi, I have a American CAT 988B which doesn't move. The engine is working, the bucket is working, the steering is working, hydraulic oil filled, but it won't move. It was moving 3 months ago, but suddenly its not moving anymore. I pushed the lever to drive and reverse by many different ways...
  19. T

    Case 850 D TCV Advice needed

    Good morning all, We recently purchased (And Received) a Case 850 D from an auction it starts and (Moved) just fine off of the trailer and around our lot. We were told the brakes needed service and that fluids and filters should be changed. A few days later we went to move it into our shop for...
  20. C

    Cat 12h no gear, not moving

    Can place unit in any desired gear and it won’t budge. Have codes for trans selector lever and then another for Tran indicator light open circuit. The selector code is stored until activated then I get an active code. I’m guessing it’s the selector lever but needing some reassuring.