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Tim Gromly

Dec 22, 2017
I'm looking at buying an old 10d or 10D2 to use for some grade work on a private (7-10%) drive that has a few issues:
Brakes- brake lines are disconnected, I assume the grader will need an entire new brake system; any ideas on cost and availability/sources of parts for this (M/C, shoes, cylinders)?

Cummins NHC-4: Seems to run well, but the owner says to open and close a knurled screw on the top rear (towards radiator) of the injection pump to turn the engine on and off, otherwise diesel leaks into the crankcase when the motor is off. I'm unfamiliar with this pump, but this set up seems hokey to me. Maybe someone replaced a solenoid with a needle valve or something? I'm guessing that the leakage into the crankcase is not normal and probably means there are some bad seals on the pump. There is no shut off for the engine other than this "valve". Are there reman pumps for the NHC-4?

Second gear in the transmission does not work; any ideas on this or who makes the transmission?
Any guess about the grader's weight? I'd guess 20-25K

There is the usual missing, worn out, non functioning stuff, but overall the major stuff works and the grader seems usable except for the injection pump "valve" and the brakes. Second gear is probably not that important.


Senior Member
Mar 18, 2010
Sunny South Carolina
Master Inj.Pump rebuilder
What u have is a Cummins PT pump..
The valve is a “manual” shut off and was put on the pump to override the electrical portion..
And the front seals are bad, that’s why the oil is thin..
Basically, the pump has to be removed to fix the front seals.