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  1. E

    815B compacter brake system upgrade

    Has anyone upgraded the old style air/brake fluid brake on a 815B packer to a hydraulic oil style? The 815B is similar to a 966 loader.
  2. C

    Fluid transferring to front diff through piston seals

    I have been working on a 950H(K5K) Cat loader that keeps transferring hyd oil from the brakes into the front diff. I have checked all pressures and tried new pistons but no luck. I believe the 325-3780 D ring brake seal is the issue. When this seal is in the housing, it barely protrudes out...
  3. M

    Hack job - or semi-valid fix?

    I have a Case 580c 1979 backhoe, that I'm doing a complete brake system rebuild - all new parts & its going ok. But I ran into an old fix that I wouldn't mind some comments on. The R.H. Side gear bearing carrier plate (probably left as well -will see tomorrow when I pull it) had a bead of...
  4. T

    UPRIGHT AB46Electric Brakes will not release

    Hello all, I am new to lift ownership and bought a bit of a project. most everything functions on the lift except I cannot get the brakes to release. They will release if I apply pressure with an auxiliary pump but of course it will not stop without a quick jog around the machine. I believe it...
  5. T

    Case 850 D TCV Advice needed

    Good morning all, We recently purchased (And Received) a Case 850 D from an auction it starts and (Moved) just fine off of the trailer and around our lot. We were told the brakes needed service and that fluids and filters should be changed. A few days later we went to move it into our shop for...
  6. H

    480f brake issue

    Hello all! I searched for this info in the threads and couldn’t find it. Google has little to say about this problem as well. I’m currently working on an old 480f. I’m the jack of all trades for a local landscaping company. I’m 90% sure this thing has had no preventative maintenance in the last...
  7. J

    Dead Terex HML32, release brakes

    Hello, I was wondering if someone knows how you can release the brakes on a Terex HML32 (9 tons) wheeled excavator? It is not possible to start and I need to get it onto a trailer for transport. Not very familiar with excavators, so general experience on how this usually is done is much...
  8. T

    Huber-Warco 10d w/Cummins NHC-4

    I'm looking at buying an old 10d or 10D2 to use for some grade work on a private (7-10%) drive that has a few issues: Brakes- brake lines are disconnected, I assume the grader will need an entire new brake system; any ideas on cost and availability/sources of parts for this (M/C, shoes...
  9. 9

    Cat 988F Braking issue

    Hi all, Just after some ideas in regards to a braking issue on my 988F. If the brake is held on for a short period of time I am finding that the warning horn goes off and the park brake applies itself. I’m sure there would be a leak in the system somewhere, either the valve group or accumulator...
  10. M

    1999 JCB 215 III - Brakes and Dash issues

    Hey guys- I just bought my first piece of heavy machinery to start doing some land clean up and clearing on a new piece of property we purchased. We bought a 1999 JCB 215 3 series backhoe, that appears to be in pretty good shape overall but has a few things I’d like to address, the first being...
  11. N

    555e bleeding new master cylinders?

    I ended up putting 2 new master cylinders in my 1998 Ford 555e because one was broken and the other quit working. I bled them per the manual, "open bleeder screws until oil comes out", by using the L/R bleeders on the rear end. I had them open for about an hour and had a small drip coming out...
  12. Steve Best

    MF50? Model? Year? Steering? Brakes?

    I think I just bought my second MF50A but I am not sure. Here is the tag: It predates the 1969 9A63158 9A87324 serial numbers and I have no other source. What is it? Two big problems, power steering and brakes. Filled the power steering and it is churning, so the drive is connected, but...
  13. C

    D4D 82J Brake Band/Steering Clutch Questions

    Hello All, Thank you in advance for your advice! I recently started working on a farm that has a '68 Cat D4D (sn: 82J450) that had been sitting out in the field for quite a while. I fixed the fuel leaks and replaced the ignition system and starter and got her moving again. Man, it feels good...
  14. S

    Lull 644-TT-34 Highlander 2: Front/Rear Brake Caliber Issues

    Dear Members, I found this forum while searching for replacement Brake Caliber Assembly's for my Lull 644 Highlander 2. The issue is she will not make it 50' without the Front and Rear Drivetrain Brake Caliber's clamping down on her.. I was literally driving her 200 yds from our warehouse to a...
  15. Brado4life

    580ck brake shaft seized

    Hello everyone. I purchased a 1970 580ck loader/extendahoe with a Gannon. I don't believe the previous owner did maintenance on it and I want to make it safe to ride before I rebuild the hydraulic seals and get to work. The loader subframe/backhoe loading frame that has 8 bolts threw the axle...
  16. Q

    TS14 stuck brake shoes on anchor pins- can't remove wheel

    I'm sure this has been dealt with many times, especially on the truck side, but the brake shoes are stuck out against the drum hard. Can't even bar over the driveshaft to the axle. Grease worms have been working their magic on the anchor pins. I have the slack adjuster/S cam backed off and...
  17. Jake Erickson


    SERIAL #JAK0023963 I've been looking for a payloader. Found one nearby very low hours, never worked in heavy construction. Pushed a train for it's entire life. It's going on auction. The people listing it said the brakes are bad. I called the mechanic shop and they said $17,000 in parts or...
  18. Michael Heller

    6000m loss of brakes sometimes at idle

    I just recently purchased a 1991 skytrak 6000m. I'm having a really hard time finding parts. I found service maneul thru Google books store and parts diagram but no place to order parts. All the light bulbs on dash are missing except the auto level. However my main concern is the loss of brakes...
  19. BigAgCat

    Question: Cat D6 5R Steering clutch brake in reverse.

    Hello, I am new to these forums and new to using heavy equipment. I have a Cat D6 5R Ag crawler. I believe it is a 1946. So it is a 70+ year old tractor. It's got a straight blade on it and when I don't need to use it as a dozer, I can remove the blade pretty easily. The engine pretty much runs...
  20. George D Spencer

    John Deere 310A thumping sound

    We installed new brakes put it back together and now have brakes but, every revolution of left axle hear a sound thump. put downriggers down lifted rear wheels and turns freely and no sound in forward or rev. Only when we move it makes that sound. Any advice what it could be?