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  1. T

    48 VDC hydraulic system. Looking for parts source

    Hello all, I am searching for a source for 48VDC 15W coils for a hydraulic stem valve. The coils on the machine are Sterling Hydraulics but I guess they've gone out of business. I think the bore is 13MM and the shaft length is about 40MM. I can order valves from a parts supplier, but I only need...
  2. F

    Hitachi EX300 track controls backwards

    I recently bought a used Hitachi EX300LC that the track controls seem backwards. Push left forward and right track will reverse. The boom/stick controls are correct like JD but tracks are not correct. They recently replace both HYD pumps also. Thoughts?
  3. K

    CAT 262C Controls - Levers below armrests?

    Hello! Just bought a CAT 262C (SN# MST00878) and was left wondering about the function of the two levers located just below the right and left armrests. I searched the Operator's Manual, the Service Repairs Manual, and the Internet without any success. Thanks for your help
  4. C

    CAT 277C No Right Stick Controls - Driver Warning Light Flashing, no Alarm (USMC Equipment)

    Trying to diagnose a Marine Corps skid loader. Driving controls work, bucket controls (right stick) do not, and tool controls (auxiliary controls) seem to work. The driver warning light is flashing, there is no alarm/buzzer. The battalion has a CAT computer but it's out of date so we can't read...
  5. C

    Case controls question

    We got a 1996 Case 9050B a few months ago, it’s been pretty good to us but The last time I got in it none of the controls would work. I put the arm rest down, put the lever down, and pressed the control unlock button and that usually makes everything work just fine but today the lock on the...
  6. Forrest Whittington

    Right track stuck in reverse. 262B

    Thanks for your help. I’m at a total loss. there was some poorly managed maintenance done between the engine and pump. Upon receiving the equipment back the right track now is stuck in reverse while the left is dead. Left stick doesn’t do anything. Is there a schematic I could trace crossed...
  7. H

    D4c blade float won't work

    Newbe here..bought d4c hystat think series 2 or 3, blade wont go into float, dont feel a detent on control, thinking little grey button below hi/low selector on direction joystick, left side joystick, mite need to be pressed but it dont help, am I thinking right or is it in blade control with a...
  8. E

    Genie Controls Issue Puzzling

    Having a puzzling issue with a Genie 2632 electric scissor lift with Genie's Smart Link diagnostics box For some reason, Ground controls (GCON) works when key is turned to the right But when key is turned to the left for PCON nothing happens, no LCD, nothing. So we can have the lift go up and...
  9. J

    Blade Float 2012 Deere 35D

    All, looking to figure out a way to add Float function to the dozer blade on my new 2012 JD 35D. Do a lot of landscape grading work with our minis towards the end of jobs and float on other machines has always helped to leave jobs looking clean and professional. Our older 2000 Cat 302.5 came...
  10. G

    Need hydraulic control valve help on 70s Ford 4500/750 backhoe

    Hello all. This is my first post to Heavy Equipment Forums. I'll appreciate any information, advice or help you can offer. BACKGROUND: I have searched this site and a number of others, but have not found specific information. However, I KNOW many others have had the same type of problem that...
  11. J

    Control pattern swap kit

    Bought a 2005 JD 225C and it supposedly was upgraded with control pattern swap kit when new. Not sure whether it’s manual or electric but wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction what to look for? Was purchased as a repo machine from a bank. Can not find an extra switch in cab to...
  12. R

    Case 1835B... I need some parts or measurements...

    Hey guys, I am new to the forum. I recently picked up a Case 1835B Skid Steer, I need the battery tray that has the spring to center the control lever or the measurements so I can form one up at the shop. All State Ag has a few 1835b's but their customer service is absolutely terrible and have...
  13. J

    Case 40XT control issues

    Hey everyone, I have a Case 40XT that is having issues with the control. The machine jumps aggressively when trying to turn. Going straight doesn't seem to be an issue just turning. Is there anything specific about these case units that wears and causes this? Any tips and pointers about these...