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  1. M

    Repairing Tilt Lever Failure in Loaders: Is Welding a Viable Solution?

    Hello everyone, I'm seeking advice and insights on repairing a tilt lever failure in an underground loader. Specifically, I want to know if welding is a viable solution for this type of failure. Has anyone had experience with welding a failed tilt lever? What are the considerations and best...
  2. FTV

    Fiat Allis FR12, ZF 4WG-120 weak converter engagement

    Hello everyone! New user on this forum here, greetings to you from Norway. I recently got my hands on an old Fiat Allis FR12 from 1985. It's not much to look at, but im hoping to make it a reliable tool here around the workshop for those tasks that are just to heavy for the forklift. There is...
  3. D

    New member DougB, retired heavy equipment mechanic, crane guy, trucker, & ex-logger, living in the formerly free state of Alaska.

    '55 Allis Chalmers Detroit powered HD-5G track loader, '76 Detroit powered C70 Chev t/a dump truck, '69 Miller tilt deck, and a Wisconsin powered '79 model 720 Bobcat. I recently drug home a Bulgarian-made Balkancar DV60RT rough terrain articulated front end loader. It was sold as a 1993...
  4. H

    John Deere 644G Parking Brake Comes On when The Transmission oil warms up after use for about 30mins to 60mins

    Hi, hopefully, someone else had a similar experience and can give me some guidance. I have a 1993 644G loader with about 9300hrs, The Unit works fine under light load for a longer period. Once the unit starts working and the transmission oil indicator gets to about 1/2 or a little above the warm...
  5. E

    hi, I often look for truck & loader repair manuals

    hi, I often look for truck repair manuals, and recently I came across free repair manuals, maybe anyone will need them too manualsfortrucks.com and trucksfreemanuals.com
  6. C

    980K Transmission Cooler Bracket

    Hey Everyone, Has anyone had any experience with 980K transmission cooler bracket bolt failures? My customer has a fleet of 980K’s and I have repeatedly seen this failure. The failure being the bolts for the transmission cooler bracket end up breaking off in the engine block, which then causes...
  7. S

    Dresser 520C Trans Needed!

    Hello all, I am purchasing a 1994 Dresser 520C I want to pick up a transmission for it. I have attached a photo of the information on the front of the trans. Any help on locating one would be appreciated. Thanks all, MJ
  8. Jake Erickson

    821 Case Payloader transmission

    I’ve got an 821 (plain) loader. Had 1st gear solenoid go out twice on it in the past. Today while working 1,2,3 gears quit working. Drove it to the shop and when I got there they all worked again. It was intermittent so I parked it, I’m almost certain it’s electrical causing the solenoids to...
  9. M

    WA250PZ-6 Won’t go into first

    I have a WA250PZ that currently won’t go into first. 2,3 and 4 are all working fine. When I put the variable control into 1st it’ll show first in the dash but still only operate as low as 2nd. New to diagnosing these issues and would love some help or guidance. I was maybe thinking a bad...
  10. K

    Antique Case Hydraulic Pump Upgrade

    Hello everyone, Looking for those who are more experience with this sort of thing than I am. My 1963 Case 530 Loader/Backhoe just pushed the seal out of the hydraulic pump: typically a strong indication of a worn out pump as I understand it. Can anybody verify that? Now of course this pump was...
  11. J

    FIAT ALLIS FL14B driving on one side only

    Hello all, searching for some help narrowing down a steering/ drive issue with fiat allis fl14b loader. The issue is the left track works flawless, drive,clutch,brake. The right track has no drive at all, brake works fine. So here's what I have done, taken the clutch valve body completely apart...
  12. V

    wheel loader or loader backhoe??

    Hi all, I kind of have my mind made up but feedback and advice is always welcome. I own a 1996 JD 310D backhoe. I purchased it 15 years ago when it had 4600 hours on the meter. It now has almost 15,000. It has been an amazing machine that owes me nothing. it still works every day although...
  13. A

    t595 loosing and regaining hydraulic function

    Hello, I have a 2016 t595 that I purchased to use around the farm. It was recently serviced by bobcat and has been running great. A few days ago, I topped off the hydraulic oil, just under the red line. I went to use it today, engine starts just fine, I press the green button, turn the throttle...
  14. J

    JD 324 Loader 3rd & 4th Function

    I have a 2019 John Deere 324 Loader that is primarily used for snow removal. It works with a metal pless plow for the majority of its hours. I am trying to get the joystick control (3rd & 4th function) to both work to control the blade. I currently have the 3rd function as the hydraulic...
  15. Newbury1289

    JD 544k overheating

    I have a 2018 JD 544k with 777 HR the problem I am having is the cooling fan is not working properly, the fan is running at 200rpm at 100% command, and about 500 rpm at wide open throttle, I tested for power at solenoid I have 26v when running, and tested solenoid, this machine does not have...
  16. RightTrack

    TEREX IBH 7251 Salvage yard?

    I think I have a Terex 7251 AA (the serial tag does not have a model number) (S/N 55167) and I was wondering if anyone knew where I could find a steering Gearbox for it. I've tried searching for salvage yards that might have one sitting around, but I had no luck. I'm almost leaning towards...
  17. T

    Cat 950k auto level, bucket curl issue

    The company I work for has a 2013 950k loader. They recently replaced the loader arms, opting for a used pair. When they re assembled the machine and brought it back to the pit the bucket would not fully curl all the way back, instead it sits at almost 80% curled when attempting to retract it...
  18. R

    780CK Case Backhoe- maintenance/T.S.

    New member here! I recently purchased a new to me 780 case backhoe, Last running in february, Once purchased I was told that they installed a new fuel injector system, I had to install the turbo, thread on the fuel rails, new gaskets on the intake manifold to the radiator, and then add the...
  19. A

    Tractor & Loader Manuals PDF

    Hi. I found two interesting sites there you can find a lot tractor, dozer, loader, excavator PDF manuals, electric wiring diagrams, fault codes dtc: https://tractormanualz.com/ and https://www.tractormanualpdf.info/ Enjoy
  20. M

    Kubota R530 - Center Pivot/Bearing Concern

    Hello, New to the thread so my apologies if this has been covered many times, i did a quick search and did not find anything exact however. We have a "New-to-me" R530 Machine that we use at our sawmill and lumberyard mostly with forks for hauling logs and moving stacks of lumber. Great machine...