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  1. M

    2012 Hyundai 235LCR-9 Radio Upgrade

    Hey everyone, i'm looking for some insight into a Hyundai 235LCR-9 Robex Radio (radio moel number 21Q6-15700) . I want to upgrade it with a newer more capable radio. I'm hoping to retain functionality of the mute / play pause (and possibly even call functions) on the right side panel. Im aware...
  2. A

    ASV PT100 Tachometer not Working and Hour Meter Wiring

    I have a 2008 ASV PT100. Thankfully, I was able to find a wiring diagram on this site which has helped me a lot. Many thanks to whoever posted it! The unit has an "interesting" past and I've spent a lot of time diagnosing and fixing problems and past mistakes. The diagram shows the gray...
  3. C

    Ingersol Rand vr642 wiring schematic!

    Hi there! I’m looking for a wiring schematic for an Ingersol Rand vr642B. Had the engine harness melt together and they had some custom wiring done (cause of the fire) and I’m trying to attempt to fix the damaged section where the fuel shutoff tees into the harness but I can’t find a schematic...
  4. B

    Kubota SVL 90-2 Error Codes, wiring issue?

    Hey guys, i have an SVL90-2 throwing multiple codes, E-9100, E-9102, E-9107, E-9109 I contacted the local dealer, and the "technical support" thought its probably a wiring issue but weren"t able to point me in any direction of where to look. I looked over the wiring that i could see without...
  5. B

    John deere 450D lc low fuel rail pressure

    I have a john deere 450D with 13200 hours. Iv been fighting issues with 1239-1 code. I have changed filters / overflow valves checked all screens all lines presure at injection pump at idle is around 37 or so hard to tell because it jumps around so much ! And I don't know if that's normal...
  6. T

    1998 INTERNATIONAL 4700 + DT466 wiring diagram needed

    Hello all, I'm looking for a copy of the wiring diagram for a 1998 international 4700 with a DT466. I am under the impression that many diagrams from years earlier will also be the same or very similar (same ECM if I'm not mistaken) and will help me troubleshoot my truck, but any later than...
  7. H

    CAT 259b3 Hour Meter Continues To Run When Key Removed

    Hi all, I've got a CAT 259b3 (serial number YYZ03203) with an hour meter that continues to run even with the key removed. Does anyone happen to have a wiring diagram? I've done some research, and it seems like it's going to be a wiring and/or alternator issue, but I haven't been able to find...
  8. E

    Camera feed cable Volvo EC380Dl

    Hello all, Recently had a complaint the camera went out on our EC380DL. Found that it was completely sheared about 8feet from actual camera. Hoping to sell the machine soon so don’t want to pick up a manual just for a wiring diagram to find the other end of the cable.
  9. S

    Caterpillar 277C cold start relay not getting enough voltage to switch

    I have an 09 caterpillar 277c serial JWF1539 with starting issues. The machine cranks but it does not start without having some starting fluid spayed into the air intake, after that it runs great with no noticeable issues. At first it would smoke mid/high throttle but I adjusted the fuel...
  10. Chris Boardman

    Bobcat 331 white numbered wires vs black numbered

    Got some disconnected wires and no 2 speed, indicator lights up but no action at the drive. Looked over several wire diagrams of different years and varying quality to read the numbers. Got three sets of wire, same numbers, but some are in white and some black? Any idea what that means?
  11. B

    P&H Omega 40 Crane electrical wiring, PLEASE HELP!

    Hello everyone! New to the forum with my first question. My family owns a 1980 Omega 40 crane and we need the wiring schematic for number 37 in the diagram attached. We had someone rewire it and he did not do the job right. Now its stuck and not operatable. Any help would be appreciated. I...
  12. A

    Bobcat 331 not charging

    New to the page. I have a 2004 bobcat 331 that I purchased and am starting to regret buying a used machine lol. The alternator is not charging on the machine. I checked all the fuses they are good. Checked belt tension and had alternator tested good. This alternator has 2 wires coming off the...
  13. R

    590 Super L Shift Solenoid Diode Location

    I have a Case 590 Super L Series 1 made in 1998. My rat friends have done some rewiring for me and I am trying to fix it. The machine will go in reverse but will not go forward. I believe I have fixed all of the wires behind the instrument cluster housing, but five wires have been parted in the...
  14. J


    I recently bought a used '13 420F and among other issues I've found, the hand throttle dial doesn't work. I tested a few 420's at ritchie bros the month before I drove it and those didn't work either - is there some kind of safety switch or procedure to allow it to engage? It looks like the...
  15. C

    CAT 287B Alternator is good, but isn't charging

    CAT 287b, unknown year (I think around 2010?) Serial number ZSA02652 Battery won't charge.. New battery, alternator tests at 14v output on the bench, but once it's in the machine it doesn't charge the battery. If I disconnect the alternator from everything while the machine is running, I only...
  16. B

    BobCat 743B fuel shut-off problem, no start

    OK my 743B will not start, just cranks fast (new battery). I just replaced the oil pressure switch. The old one had a lug broken off but it still ran with out it. I replaced the switch while my son rebuilt the drive motor. After reassembling it wouldn't start, just cranks. I can hear the...
  17. D

    Cat 305 CR engine shut down troubleshooting

    2005 CAT00305CD5A00392 with K4N engine. Engine shutdown solenoid energized constantly. if I disconnect either wire at engine shut off solenoid engine starts and runs as expected. with key on or off i reconnect wire at solenoid, the engine shuts down. I have probed around and the 20 amp fuse...
  18. R

    Komatsu D-155AX-3

    Looking for someone to help me find where I can get a HMT controller tested. Went through trouble shooting guide and concluded that the HMT controller is bad but will cost $4300 and would like to get it tested before expending this money.
  19. S

    D6k Ac compressor has no power.

    Does anyone have a schematic on this? Someone chopped up the harness behind the compressor presumably to bypass something but I have no clue what they did or which of these 4 plugs go to the low pressure switch, refrigerant switch or the compressor.
  20. J

    JCB 505-22 Wiring Harness Fire

    I'm in the process of repairing the wiring harness on a 505. It appears that everything not related to steering had been bypassed. It looks like the only electrical flow through the harness was to the 4 solenoids and the 2 proximity sensors. Also had 2 lines to the fuel tank. I'm not certain...