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How Did You Find Us?

Truck Shop

Senior Member
Dec 7, 2015
I searched my equipment woes and I found the site with a thread on how my backhoe will be my biggest nightmare
Go up to the dozer forum there's one that could have caused people to sell there's. Isn't a purposed
forum on here that hasn't caused a nightmare or two.

twisted nut

New Member
Apr 20, 2024
We've had a recent influx of new members, I'm curious how everyone is finding out about us. Just jot down a reply whether you're a new or old member on how you learned about our site so I can focus on where to apply resources for expanding our membership.

Remember, the more members we have, the greater our pool of information will be!! Thanks everyone!!
I did a Google search on an error code for my T180 Bobcat and luckily there you guys were.
Mar 1, 2022
Canary Islands
I did a web search for how to repair a specific issue with a backhoe and this site came up in the search results.
I lurked for a long time before joining.

I will comment that the people on here appear to be top notch.

I've mostly been back to reading only, and usually don't even log in for that.

I wish I had more knowledge (or owned a machine myself) so that I could help others out.

Thank you.