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  1. A

    CAT 299D No Panel Lights

    Hey all, First time posting so I apologize for any mistakes. I searched the forums but couldn’t find any answers to my problem. I have a 2014 CAT 299D (GTC) with about 2200 hours on if. I bought it about a year ago and began having problems within the first 50 hours over intermittent use over...
  2. I

    Samsung SE-130 Electrical Short

    I have a Samsung SE-130 LC-3 excavator (SN: DCY0192) that I am trying to diagnose a wiring problem on. I believe that there is a short somewhere. There are two green 40A bolt-in fuses in the battery compartment. One of them blows every time the key is turned to on. We have been trying to track...
  3. D

    Takeuchi TB135 Help. Electrical Everything

    Hi all, first post so bear with me. I just picked up a Takeuchi Tb135 from a guy who blew the engine up and torched the wiring. He had another guy do some temporary wiring to get the thumb and what not to work. I've got everything stripped down and a new motor in. I just recently came across the...
  4. SL Construction

    LB75 won't start???

    Hey All, My 2000 LB75 was slow starting so I replaced the battery back in April. It started fine the few times I used it. I parked it and then when I went to use it recently, it would just click at the starter. I charged the battery, same thing. Replaced the starter, same thing. Tested the...
  5. Y

    Kobelco SK120 Mark 5

    Hi, I have a Kobelco SK120 Mark 5 and the batteries did not charge, whilst the alarm went off. the batteries ended up dying and the voltage regulator was replaced. Once the alternator with the new regulator was installed on the machine once again, the alarm started beeping and the ignition icons...
  6. 9

    Cat 988F Air Conditioning Compressor not engaging clutch

    Hi all, I have recently replaced the blower motor in the air conditioning unit on my 988F. Prior to this all pressures were fine and the unit was working well. Now the clutch is not engaging on the compressor. I have voltage to the compressor and have just replaced the compressor thinking...
  7. Y

    Kobelco SK120 MKV Battery Relay

    Hi there, I have a Kobelco SK-120 MKV and I need to put a new battery relay. Anyone knows how to wire the Battery Relay or has a wiring diagram? Thank you.
  8. Addison

    Kovaco Elise 900 Electric Skid Steer

    Check out the new Skid steer by Kovaco, Evolution Mechanical Dealer for Western canada: www.evolutionmechanical.ca https://www.kijiji.ca/v-view-details.html?adId=1549343285&posted=true&adActivated=true https://www.kovacocompany.com/
  9. Mr.bear

    Ex200-2 hydraulic/electrical issue

    I have a ex200-2 that Sat for a year. Once I got the machine fired and I got no lights on the controller counsel and the hydraulics are loading up and stalling it. I went thur and tested the fuses I didn’t have the proper way to check the relays so I switched them around and nothing changed. I’m...
  10. J

    D5k blade angle issue

    my blade angle function just stopped on my d5k this morning serial number yyy01385. I have moved the solenoids to another function and still have nothing. I also removed the valve from the body and flushed some fluid through there to clean it out, as it has been known to stick. I also checked...
  11. J

    D3g joystick issue

    My d3g, serial number cfc589, appears to have what I believe is a joystick problem. The machine will come to an abrupt stop when tracking. You can put the machine back in neutral and then back in gear and it will track again. It may happen every 5 seconds or every couple of minutes. It is...
  12. Pete w

    John Deere 490 Stall

    Good morning Ladies and Gents, I need some help with a 490 we have here. Its been sitting for a while, took it to a job to use it and it kept stalling under load and if you hold a function over relief. Doesn't matter what mode its in. Changed fuel filters. Checked air filter. Purrs like a...
  13. S

    Caterpillar 277C cold start relay not getting enough voltage to switch

    I have an 09 caterpillar 277c serial JWF1539 with starting issues. The machine cranks but it does not start without having some starting fluid spayed into the air intake, after that it runs great with no noticeable issues. At first it would smoke mid/high throttle but I adjusted the fuel...
  14. R

    590 Super L Shift Solenoid Diode Location

    I have a Case 590 Super L Series 1 made in 1998. My rat friends have done some rewiring for me and I am trying to fix it. The machine will go in reverse but will not go forward. I believe I have fixed all of the wires behind the instrument cluster housing, but five wires have been parted in the...
  15. Stan580D

    Case 580D Shuttle

    I have a schematic for my 580D, but I can't seem to figure out where the clutch solenoid gets it's power. Am I missing or overlooking something? Keep getting a dead end. Anyone that can put me in the right direction?
  16. S

    1985 Champion 720A Motor Grader

    Problem: 1985 Champion 720A motor grader when I turn on the isolation switch, the control/gear box lights up on the display and it won’t start. Before I started working on it, the grader kept stalling when in operation giving me error codes 2.7 (No power to solenoid circuits) and 4.2 (Neutral...
  17. I

    JCB 260T electrical issues

    Hey Guys, I am in need of some help. For the last couple of days I have been troubleshooting a JCB 260T. The problem is definitely electrical. The issue begins with the HVAC system is not working, along with wiper motor. Starting in the fuse/relay box, I have checked and verified function of all...
  18. J

    Cat 252 Won’t start/Electrical

    2001 Cat 252 3000hrs, great machine but got it stuck the other day and went to get it out today and I have no power to anything in the cab, plenty of juice in the battery. Is there a breaker switch on these ? Or what are your guys thoughts?!
  19. M

    Help: Electrical question on a Massey Ferguson 50e - Shuttleshift Solenoid

    I have a Massey Ferguson 50e tractor loader that will not engage in forward or reverse. I have replaced the Vickers solenoid block, and no luck. Fluids are up to correct levels, etc. The pedals cause the relays on the steering column to click, but no solenoid action. I tested current at the...